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“In Arizona a you can be charged with DUI even if they did not consume any alcohol or illegal drugs. Find out what defenses experienced DUI lawyers use to challenge Drug DUI charges.”

Arizona DUI with Medications – Drug DUI Charges

You may be charged with Drug DUI under Arizona Drug DUI law A.R.S. § 28-1381. If convicted, you will face the same penalties as an alcohol DUI conviction. The mere presence of a drug in your system is enough for the Scottsdale Police to charge you, as long as they have probable cause to believe you were driving “impaired to the slightest degree. Drug DUI first time-offenses are charged as Class 1 Misdemeanors. Penalties may include: 10 consecutive days in jail; 90 day driver’s license suspension or denial; probation; drug and alcohol education program; fines, fees, costs and assessments that exceed $1,200.00.

15 Traits of criminal Lawyers who get Maricopa County Defense AZ charges for DUI Dismissed!

“Your chances of getting charges dismissed increase with an attorney who can present “a compelling argument”, over an attorney who has a stronger argument, but presents it less persuasively.”

– James Novak, AZ DUI & Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer and Author of “Arizona Winning DUI & Criminal Defense Strategies” Book Series

What Makes a Good Phoenix AZ Criminal Defense Lawyer the Best

The Best DUI Lawyers Choose the Right Defense Strategies
For starters, the Best DUI defense lawyers in Phoenix AZ, chooses the right defenses and Defense strategies. Effective defenses must be carefully selected and tailored to fit each defendant’s set of circumstances. A good criminal defense lawyer understands that certain defenses used in one case, may not apply in another. Any attorney who says most DUI cases are “standard” or “cookie cutter”, most likely does not defend DUI cases on a regular basis or every client is unique, as is the circumstances, evidence and facts surrounding the case. Thus, their defense case must be unique as well in order to be successful. A defense strategy for one client to get a case dismissed may result in a poor outcome for another.

DUI Lawyers in Phoenix – What to Look for to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Good criminal defense attorneys must possess many important traits. Here will we look at just a few of those traits that make good DUI attorneys the best, as they relate to the matter of Arizona criminal laws and defenses:

• The ability to correctly interpret the law and defenses;
• Can identify those which will serve their clients defense the most effectively, under the proper circumstances;
• Has the ability to translate the issues of law into simple terms for the client;
• Is passionate about their clients being treated fairly and with respect under the law;
• Will make the time needed to tailor, build, and present a compelling defense case; every DUI or criminal charge is unique and carries its own individual set of circumstances and evidence (or lack thereof).
• A good DUI or criminal defense lawyer will exhaust all means possible to get the best outcome in their client’s case such as partial or complete dismissal of charges; negotiating lesser charges; or obtaining leniency in sentencing and penalties by the court if convicted.

What You Can do to Find the Best DUI lawyer in Phoenix AZ

As you may already have learned there are so many criminal and DUI lawyers in Phoenix Metro and surrounding cities in Maricopa County that it is tough to choose from them all. And how do you know if there as good as they or their websites say they are? Here are some things to consider doing once you have narrowed your search geographically, and verified credentials and license to practice in your jurisdiction:

1) Read reviews from prior clients on the web, search engines, review sites and such;
2) Select two or three of your top picks, or more if you feel it necessary;
3) Contact at least two or three and meet with them by phone or in person;
4) Ask questions; Most DUI & Criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix AZ provide free consultations;
5) Don’t be afraid to ask them about their education, defense and trial experience, credentials, and anything else that will make you feel you have found the most qualified person for the job.

Wouldn’t you do these things if you were looking for a good doctor, dentist, or building contractor? Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer for your DUI or criminal charges is one of the most important decisions you make in your life. It can mean the difference between losing your freedom and getting a dismissal in your case. Take as much time as you need to feel comfortable with your choice, while keeping in mind that early retention of a criminal defense lawyer is key to a successful outcome.

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What You Should Know about Outstanding Arrest Warrants in Gilbert

“Get Your Gilbert Arrest Warrant ‘Quashed’ (cancelled) by Retaining a DUI or Criminal Attorney who Defends Charges in Gilbert AZ”
Gilbert Arrest Warrants
Do not ignore an outstanding Gilbert AZ arrest warrant. It is a very serious matter. Whether you are at work, home, school, outside of Gilbert or even Arizona, it is a matter of “when” not if you will be arrested. Arrest Warrants put simply gives police the legal authority to detain and arrest you for a criminal, DUI, or other violations of the law that you are being accused of, and have not yet taken care of in the eyes of the police and court.

Length of Time a Gilbert Arrest Warrant Remains Outstanding
Indefinitely. Arrest Warrants will stay outstanding until taken care of. Arrest Warrants don’t just go away by themselves. Don’t bother trying to wait it out. In Arizona there are no expiration dates on outstanding arrest warrants. Some defendants are arrested decades later after being stopped for a minor traffic infraction. Sooner or Later, you will be arrested. If you have a warrant it will remain outstanding until either the bond is posted or the judge decides to “quash” or cancel it. The judge may require a bond be posted before canceling the warrant. So it is best to be make arrangements in advance to post a bond for your court appearance.

How to Find Out if you Have a Gilbert Arrest Warrant Outstanding
There are a variety of ways to find out if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest in Gilbert. But the fastest, safest, most reliable way is to consult a Gilbert criminal defense lawyer or Gilbert DUI lawyer. A Criminal defense Attorney who defends charges in Gilbert will conduct a thorough search via accessible legal resources. They will advise you of the most accurate, current information available. Upon Retention they can also guide you through the steps that will benefit your defense the best, as well as build an effective defense for the initial and current charges.
Types of Arrest Warrants in Gilbert AZ
There are two types of specific “arrest” warrants:
• Police Arrest Warrants: These are arrest warrants issued by Police or Law Enforcement Agencies, in order to detain or arrest someone. An arrest warrant can be issued when police feel they have sufficient evidence to suspect a crime was or is being committed and that person was involved in the crime. Refer to A.R.S. Criminal Code Title 13 – Beginning with Article 7, 13-3881
• Bench Arrest Warrants: These are warrants issued by the Gilbert Court Judge. A bench warrant is issued when a defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court time and date for the initial criminal or DUI matter. There are a many reasons why a person may have failed to appear in court, some better than others. None the less, it is in your best interest to retain a Gilbert DUI lawyer or Gilbert criminal lawyer who can “tell your side of the story”. They will be able to present compelling arguments, through the proper legal channels in your defense regarding the initial charges and reason for outstanding arrest warrant if it was due to “failure to appear” Reference A.R.S. Criminal Code Title 13-2506 Failure to appear in the second degree; classification 13-2507 Failure to appear in the first degree; classification…”

Defense Options for Outstanding Warrants for Arrest in Gilbert AZ
1) Pay the bond amount set by the judge. Once you pay the bon, the warrant will be quashed. You will then be given a new court date if the warrant is for failure to appear. If you miss your court date again, or cause further delays, the court will frown upon this with more severe penalties for both the initial DUI or criminal matter as well as the “failure to appear” charges. You must appear on the new scheduled court date if you have not hired a Gilbert Criminal Defense Lawyer. They have been able to negotiate alternative more favorable arrangements or can get the warrant quashed all together.

2) Appear before the judge during a “Walk-in Docket”. Gilbert Court usually provides a daily time for defendants who need to make unscheduled court appearances. Unscheduled appearances are heard only at specified times available by the Gilbert AZ Court. In the least you should consult a Gilbert AZ criminal attorney to discuss your matter and how to proceed before you appear at a “Walk-in Docket” unrepresented.

3) This is the best way for you to handle an outstanding arrest warrant: Retain a private practice Gilbert criminal attorney or Gilbert DUI lawyer as soon as you can. Early retention is the key to a successful defense for any charges. It is at this point, your Defense Attorney will have the most leverage to tailor a defense strategy and exercise your defense options. Your Gilbert criminal lawyer will confirm the facts, and if retained, can file a Motion to quash your warrant. At that point they can also begin tailoring a solid defense strategy for your Gilbert Criminal or Gilbert DUI charges.

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AZ DUI Law, Felony DUI Penalties

“The cost of retaining a good Chandler DUI defense lawyer is far less a price, than fines, fees, costs, and your freedom, if convicted of Felony DUI Charges in Chandler.”
If you were arrested for felony DUI charges in Chandler, AZ you should obtain a free consultation with a Chandler DUI lawyer as soon as possible. A felony DUI conviction in Chandler will expose you to severe penalties. You will need a qualified Chandler DUI attorney to defend your Felony DUI charges if you wish to have any chance at getting a good outcome in your case.

Felony DUI – Arizona Laws:
There are three aggravating factors that will cause a Chandler Misdemeanor DUI to escalate to a Felony DUI charge. “Felony DUI” charges are also known as “Aggravated DUI charges”:

1) A.R.S. §28-1383(A) (1): (Paraphrased) DUI arrest while you driving on a suspended, restricted or revoked driver’s license – Class 3 Felony
2) A.R.S. §28-1383(A) (2): (Paraphrased) You just received a new DUI charge and it is your third DUI in 7 years and you were convicted of at least two of them within the last 7 years. – Class 3 felony
3) A.R.S. §28-1383(A) (3): (Paraphrased) You were charged with DUI DWI and a child under 15 years of age was a passenger in the vehicle – Class 6 Felony
DUI Penalties – Felony DUI Sentencing Guidelines in Arizona
A Felony DUI conviction for Chandler DUI charges exposes you to mandatory AZ DUI sentencing guidelines. The mandatory DUI penalties under Arizona Law include, but are not limited to the following:

• Jail Sentences that range from 1 day to 1 year;
• Incarceration in Prison from 4 months to 2 ½ years;
• Revocation of your drivers license for 3 years;
• Ignition Interlock Device (at your expense;)
• Fines of Up to $150,000 plus 80% surcharge;
• $1500 prison assessment;
• $250 abatement fees;
• Probation fees;
• Costs for Drug or Alcohol Treatment Screening;
• Costs for Drug or Alcohol Counseling or Treatment Program;
• Supervised probation;
• Felony criminal record
Felony DUI Penalties for Chandler DUI sentencing for convictions may be “aggravated” or “mitigated”. Aggravated factors are those that support the prosecution and warrant more serious DUI penalties. Mitigating factors are circumstances or evidence that support your DUI defense and warrant less serious penalties.

Chandler DUI Lawyer – Felony DUI Defense Chandler AZ

Without compelling arguments presented or motions filed by your DUI Defense Lawyer, the judge or prosecution will not generally offer mitigated sentencing. An experienced Chandler DUI Attorney will know what to look for and obtain evidence needed to argue for a mitigated sentence if you are convicted of a felony DUI charge.

Some Defendants do not realize that a Felony DUI charges is not a conviction. They think since they were arrested, they must be guilty. But an experienced Chandler DUI lawyer or good AZ criminal defense lawyer will advise you that almost any Chandler Felony DUI charge can be challenged, regardless of the classification. Proven Chandler DUI lawyers are often able to get evidence dismissed; charges reduced, or ultimately get the felony DUI completely dismissed. But rarely if ever does this happen without qualified legal representation and defense from a private practice AZ DUI Attorney or Criminal Defense Lawyer in Arizona.

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10 Tips to Finding the “Best” DUI Lawyers in Scottsdale – Proven Results!

If you face Scottsdale DUI or Criminal charges, you want to hire the best DUI or criminal attorney you can find to defend your charges. This is important because your chances of getting a DUI or criminal charge dismissed in Scottsdale AZ increase drastically with an effective DUI or criminal defense attorney representing you. The lawyer you choose may mean the difference between a conviction with harsh penalties and a dismissal of charges.

Find High Rated DUI lawyers who Defend Scottsdale Charges at Affordable Prices

A great number of criminal defense lawyers in the valley defend Scottsdale DUI & criminal charges. A majority of Criminal Defense Firms throughout Maricopa County defend Scottsdale DUI and criminal charges. In other words, you do not necessarily have to hire criminal or DUI lawyer whose law firm is located in Scottsdale. Here are re 10 tips to helping you find high rated criminal defense firms and well qualified DUI lawyers:

10 Tips To Finding the Best DUI lawyer & Criminal Attorney for Scottsdale Charges

1) Narrow your search geographically; that is, decide how far you wish travel to meet with and hire the DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney of your choice;
2) If you or the person you are helping, is currently incarcerated and unable to travel to the criminal defense lawyer’s office, simply call let them know you wish to hire them but need to work out alternative means for meeting, and signing the fee agreement. One example would be in the case where the accused is currently in jail or prison. In that case most lawyers will simply travel to the court or prison to visit them;
3) Narrow your search down to two or three top picks; If you still have questions or need more information, you can contact the AZ State Bar, to make sure they are licensed as an “Attorney” in defense verses, a legal forms processor, paralegal, or other named occupation. Confirm that they are licensed in Arizona to defend Criminal charges in Scottsdale and cities within Maricopa County. Criminal Defense includes the DUI category of defense;
4) Attorneys in other practice areas; Contact lawyers in other practice areas whom you or other family members have used in the past for other legal matters. For example, if you were involved in an auto accident, and were represented by an injury lawyer. Contact them to see if they have a referral for a DUI or criminal defense lawyer;
5) The best source of referral is from friend, family, or other person who you trust; But heed this warning: Do not discuss any specifics or details surrounding your charges. It may harm your defense case for one. Also, that person could later be called as a witness to testify against you regarding statement you made to them. Believe it or not, it happens;
6) Look for Ratings an reviews on the web;
7) Call at least two or three; Sometimes it takes a few more calls than that. Talk with them in person or by telephone; most Scottsdale DUI and criminal defense lawyers provide a free initial consultation. You want to make sure they are “practicing defense attorneys”. Some attorneys no longer practice active defense; They may be Professors teaching at local universities or colleges; or they may be dong Expert or Consultant work only; You will need active legal defense representation;
8) You should avoid asking “if they can get your case dismissed”. They have not been in contacted with the prosecution, seen the evidence, or worked your case. No attorney has a crystal ball. If an attorney “guarantees” they can get your charges dismissed, “run don’t walk” the other way and are telling you what you want to hear; You want a straight shooter who will give you a respectful, truthful response not false hopes;
9) Ask questions about education, training, qualifications; defense and trial experience; and anything else that will make you feel you have found the best defense lawyer for the job.
10) Consider costs and fees; but (emphasis added), don’t make the cost the most important factor in your decision; You’re not searching for the cheapest gallon of unleaded gas in town. There is a lot more at stake to consider, and you need to look at service to value. You won’t necessarily get the best representation for the highest price. To help avoid ineffective assistance of counsel, you need to educate yourself using the tips above and an bit of common sense; that is, if it (the price), sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you found this post helpful and “Like” it, please let us know! Feel free to “Share”!

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10 Tips to Finding the “Best” DUI Lawyers in Chandler AZ!

Why You Need the Best Chandler Criminal Attorney to Defend your Criminal Charges
Chandler AZ DUI or Criminal prosecutors, egregiously pursue convictions for DUI & Criminal charges in Chandler. Your chances of getting a DUI or criminal charge dismissed in Chandler AZ, increase dramatically with the retention of a DUI or criminal lawyer in Chandler to represent you. It’s a fact that the effectiveness of your criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between losing your freedom, and getting your charges dropped. It is very rare, if ever, that a person facing Chandler DUI or criminal charges get them dismissed, without retention of an experienced private practice DUI attorney who defends charges in Chandler, AZ. The cost of your freedom and future are much too high to ignore this fact.

10 Tips To Finding the Best DUI lawyer & Criminal Attorney for Chandler AZ Charges

1) Narrow your search by location: Decide how far you are willing to travel to retain a good DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney;
2) If you are not in a position to commute to a criminal defense law firm, but you wish to hire that attorney, they will usually help you make other arrangements. For example, if the client is in jail, the attorney would simply meet travel to where they are to meet with them. A few DUI or criminal attorneys in Chandler AZ charge separately for a jail or prison visit. But if retained, most Maricopa County criminal defense attorneys include it as part of the pre-trial service fees and do not charge extra for the jail visit;
3) You can call The Arizona State Bar, to verify they are licensed as an “Attorneys” in Criminal Defense which encompasses DUI defense. Make sure they are licensed to practice in Arizona and within Maricopa County;
4) Attorneys in other practice areas you know can prove to be good referrals. Ask them who they would hire or recommend. Many lawyers travel in the same circles for seminars, continuing legal education, or other law forums;
5) The best source of referral is from friend, family, or other person with whom you trust; But you should use caution and refrain from discussing details surrounding your charges. You may inadvertently harm your defense and your statements to them may later be used against you. That person may later be subpoenaed or called upon to testify against you. Also, if you call them from the jail or prison, remember that all calls from detainees and inmates are recorded and can also be used against you by the prosecution
6) Reviews from prior clients: There are many places to find reviews including websites, search engines, directories, and many other sources on the internet;
7) By now you should have narrowed your search down to a few choices; Consult at least two or three; discuss your charges and defense options. Most AZ DUI & criminal defense lawyers who defend charges in Chandler AZ usually provide free consultations; If they charge for this service, it is this author’s opinion that you politely say “no-thank-you” and move on to your next choice;
8) Avoid asking “if they can get your case dismissed”. They have not been in contact with the prosecution, seen the evidence, or worked your case. No attorney has a crystal ball. If an attorney “guarantees” they can get your charges dismissed, head for the exit or move on to the next call. They are simply giving you false hopes. You what a trustworthy and ethical lawyer who will respect you with truthful and realistic responses;
9) Ask them about their education, trial experience, credentials, training and anything else that will make you feel you have found the best attorney for the job.

10) Consider costs and fees; but don’t make the cost the only or most important factor in your decision; you’re not searching for the cheapest gallon of gas in town. There is a lot more at stake to consider, and you need to look at service to value. There is nothing a busy attorney dislikes more than someone “calling around” for price checks as though the attorney was selling widgets; Price is not necessarily an indicator of the attorney’s experience, qualifications, or level of service they provide. But if the quote does not sound reasonable to you then move on. On the other hand, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

If you use these tips, they will most likely lead you to the best DUI or Criminal Defense lawyer to defend your Chandler DUI or criminal charges.

If you found this post helpful and “Like” it, please let us know! Feel free to “Share”!

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Phoenix Criminal Attorney | DUI DWI Criminal Defense Lawyers

Why You Should Exercise Your Right to ‘Remain Silent” following an Arrest for Phoenix DUI or Criminal Charges
1) You do not want to “convict” yourself by verbally accepting guilt of a crime. Do not assume that because you were arrested for a crime, you will be found guilty.
An arrest is not a conviction. Any DUI, DWI, Drunk Driving or criminal charges can be challenged by a qualified private practice criminal defense lawyer. There may be defenses, that you are not aware of, that if used, can lead to a dismissal of your charges. But the police or prosecution will not provide you with this information even if they are aware of it. The prosecutor’s job is to convict you not to defend you or give you any reason to challenge your criminal charges. There are far more arrests in Phoenix than convictions. Often criminal charges get dismissed with good legal representation by a proven criminal lawyer who defends criminal charges in Phoenix AZ on a regular basis.

2) Following a Phoenix arrest for DUI DWI, or other criminal charges, you can count on the police to continue to “take notes” what you say and do. Your words and actions will be documents. They can and will be used against you by the Arizona Prosecution. In most cases, defendants do not realize that what they are saying or doing will incriminate them further and harm their defense. If you find yourself being questioned or interrogated, you must let police know verbally that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent, and to have an attorney present during any questioning related to the charges. Note: If remain silent without verbally acknowledging that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent, then you will appear uncooperative to the court which will further harm your defense case.

3) If you allow yourself to be questioned or interrogated by police regarding your guilt or innocence of the Phoenix DUI DWI or Criminal Charges following your arrest, after being read your Miranda Rights, you voluntarily waive your rights. (“right to an attorney” and “right to remain silent”). Admitting to a crime is one of the fastest ways to get a conviction. The penalties for Phoenix drunk driving, DUI DWI, or many other criminal charges in Arizona are severe. When you are later sentenced and learn the severity of the punishment, you can’t turn back. You can not reclaim your right to remain silent later, if you were properly read your Miranda Warning.

4) Until your Phoenix criminal or DUI case has run its course through the criminal justice system, the prosecution will egregiously look for inconsistencies or statements in “your story”. You may be surprised to find out that the inconsistent statement does not have to be material to the criminal charge itself. Regardless of the subject matter of the statement, or what forum the statement was made, if it is different, it will harm your defense credibility. Without a doubt, he prosecution can make strengthen their case by accusing you of “changing your story”, and make an issue of your credibility or trustworthiness in the eyes of the court, judge or jury.

5) Admitting to guilt of a crime will generally only makes things worse for you. You will just be convicted swiftly and sentenced by the judge to penalties under Arizona law for that crime. Some defendants think that if they admit to committing a crime or drunk driving in Arizona, that their punishments or sentencing will somehow be reduced. That is not the case. In Arizona, mandatory sentencing guidelines exist for DUI DWI and most criminal charges. You will face the same penalties in most cases for the DUI or crime than a defendant to plead “not guilty” and was later convicted of the criminal charge.

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An AZ DUI with no aggravating factors is a Class 1 Misdemeanor; but don’t let anyone mislead you into thinking that a “Misdemeanor DUI” in Arizona is not serious. AZ penalties for Misdemeanor DUI are more serious than penalties for a felony in many states. Do not plead guilty of any Arizona DUI charge, before consulting an experienced Phoenix DUI Attorney.

Misdemeanor DUI charges may be lenient in some states, but Arizona is not one of them. Phoenix DUI charges are very serious and you will be subject to mandatory punishments in place under Arizona State Law. Even a first time Phoenix Misdemeanor DUI can subject you to mandatory jail; hefty fines; fees, and court costs; loss or suspension of your driver license; ignition interlock device on your vehicle and more.

Arizona Misdemeanor DUI Laws:
Generally an Arizona DUI with no “aggravating factors” is a Class 1 Misdemeanor as cited in part under A.R.S. 28-1381. The majority of DUI DWI charges in Arizona are classified as Misdemeanors. A Phoenix “Misdemeanor DUI DWI charge” will be raised to a “Felony DUI” only when certain “aggravating” factors exist. To read more about the specific factors that will elevate a Misdemeanor DUI DWI to a Felony DUI DWI visit

A Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona can be charged if a person is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, any drug, a vapor releasing substance containing a toxic substance or any combination of liquor, drugs or vapor releasing substance and:

1. The driver of the vehicle in Arizona is impaired to the slightest degree (A.R.S. §28-1381(A) (1) or “impaired to the slightest degree”; and/or…

2. The driver of a vehicle in Arizona if the person has an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more within two hours of driving or being in actual physical control of the vehicle and the alcohol concentration results from alcohol were consumed before or while driving or being in actual physical control of the vehicle. (A.R.S. §28-1381(A) (2)) or “DUI”.

If the police have evidence that a driver is “impaired to the slightest degree” and had Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) lever of 0.08% or greater within two hours of driving or being in “actual physical control” of a vehicle, they will usually charge the driver with not only one, but two DUI charges in that one stop.

ARIZONA MISDEMEANOR DUI: It is illegal to DRIVE or be in ACTUAL PHYSICAL CONTROL of a motor vehicle in Arizona under the following circumstances:
PER SE DUI – Adult “Impaired to the Slightest Degree” by Alcohol
DUI Minor – Minor with or without impairment, “Zero Tolerance” for person under 21 years of age. BAC level of 0.08 is not required.
CDL DUI – Blood Alcohol BAC 0.04% or greater for adult Commercial Driver
DUI – Blood Alcohol Content BAC 0.08% or greater for adult Driver within two hours of driving
Extreme DUI – Blood Alcohol Content BAC 0.15% or greater adult within 2 hours of driving
Super Extreme DUI – BAC 0.20% or greater adult – within 2 hours of driving
Drug DUI – Impaired by any Drug whether lawfully prescribed drugs, over-the-counter drugs, legal or illegal drugs, dangerous or drugs not classified as dangerous.

Note: The Arizona DUI charges listed above are all considered to be separate and distinct charges. So a driver stopped under suspicion of DUI can actually be charged with one or more of these charges in one stop. The number of violations you may be charged with during one DUI stop is determined by the police DUI investigation, and DUI test results such as DUI breath test, DUI blood tests, or other chemical testing.

Misdemeanor DUI Defense – Arizona DUI – DWI Lawyers
Arizona misdemeanor DUI charges are heard in Arizona justice, city or municipal courts. Be sure that you are being defended by a private practice Phoenix or Arizona DUI lawyer with trial and defense experience; and one who is very familiar with the protocol, procedures and laws, judges and prosecutors in he court in the county, city or jurisdiction in Arizona for which you are required to appear for your court date. This will provide you with a definite advantage in your defense and increase your chances of a successful outcome. A good Arizona DUI attorney will tailor and build a defense case based on the facts of your DUI charges. They will know how to build a winning defense strategy in an effort to get your charges dismissed, reduced or the otherwise best outcome in your case.

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Q and A

What You Need to Know About Mesa Charges and Criminal Defense for DUI DWI or Drunk Driving Charges in Mesa AZ
Q. Do I need a DUI lawyer for my Mesa DUI?

A. Yes. Whether your DUI is a felony or misdemeanor, you should consult an Arizona Criminal Defense or DUI lawyer who defends cases in Mesa AZ as soon as possible. Mesa DUI laws are governed by Arizona State Laws and criminal code. Arizona has some of the toughest laws for DUI in the country. *Most types of DUI charges require jail or prison, and suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, as part of the DUI penalties if convicted. In many cases extremely severe penalties are not deserved. This is true especially in the case of a first time Misdemeanor DUI, non-extreme DUI. Many Arizonans argue that jail is too harsh, unjustified, and costly for the State. A DUI lawyer or Criminal Defense attorney in Arizona understands and is familiar with constantly changing criminal and DUI laws, and current case law that may apply to your case and be able to be used in your favor. They will use the laws to protect you and your constitutional rights, and make every effort to get your Mesa DUI charges dismissed, reduced, or otherwise the best possible outcome in your case.
Q. Can I go to my DUI Court without an AZ DUI Lawyer?
A. Yes. But understand that you will be held to the same standards as any DUI defense attorney would with regard to knowing the deadlines, court standards, protocol, and laws. You will not get any leniency by the court, judge or prosecutor if you are not represented by a DUI DWI lawyer for your Mesa DUI.
Mesa AZ DUI defendants feel the criminal justice system and courts are a vast and complex and set up more to convict you than defend you. That is true in many aspects. The Arizona prosecutor has a responsibility convict you of a DUI and impose the most severe penalties possible.

A DUI and Criminal Defense attorney in who defends DUI charges in Mesa AZ on a regular basis will be familiar with the court systems, judges, prosecution, standards, procedures and protocol. Bottom line, these factors will all work to the advantage of your defense.

Q. Will the court judge be more harsh on me, if I hire an attorney defend my Mesa DUI?
A. No. Defendants are many times surprised to find quite the contrary. The Judges prefer a client to have legal representation or an effective defense attorney to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings regarding the laws, processes and sentencing; and will provide them legal guidance verses having no legal guidance regarding protocol and being accused of an Arizona DUI. The judge can then assume you will you understand fully the ramification of the DUI charges, your plea, the verdict, and consequences resulting from the Arizona criminal justice process.

Q. Will the Arizona Prosecutor treat me differently if I hire a private practice DUI lawyer to defend me for my Mesa DUI charges?

A. The AZ prosecution will generally not mistreat you. However, what they don’t want you to know is that it is a “game changer” for them. When a defendant is not represented by a criminal defense attorney, they know they will be able to get a swift and harsh conviction. They know ways that you may not be aware of, that they can cause you to incriminate yourself or harm your own case. In most situations, have the advantage over you in absence of your having effective assistance of legal counsel. They will likely be more familiar with the AZ laws, courts system, and of having built a case of evidence against you. They know that without an effective DUI defense attorney, it will be difficult for you to challenge that evidence or protect yourself. It makes their job much easier to convict you if you do not have a criminal defense attorney representing you.

*All Arizona Laws are subject to change. You should contact an Arizona DUI lawyer in the jurisdiction or city where you received DUI or criminal charges for current laws, and information relating to your specific DUI or criminal matter.

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