Best Maricopa County Defense Lawyers: 15 traits that distinguish the best DUI lawyers from good ones.

15 Traits of criminal Lawyers who get Maricopa County Defense AZ charges for DUI Dismissed!

“Your chances of getting charges dismissed increase with an attorney who can present “a compelling argument”, over an attorney who has a stronger argument, but presents it less persuasively.”

– James Novak, AZ DUI & Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer and Author of “Arizona Winning DUI & Criminal Defense Strategies” Book Series
1. Experience; Criminal & DUI defense experience in Maricopa County;
2. Communication: The best trial lawyers listen, as well as they speak; they know that winning cases are often the result of “details”; and they don’t miss any; attorneys too preoccupied with their next argument risk missing details that could lead to a dismissal;
3. Compelling: the best defense lawyers are persuasive, articulate and compelling; They can present highly effective arguments;
4. Thousands of Hours of litigation: Be aware of attorneys who have not spent much time in the court room or trial. The truth is that there are attorneys who have not seen much of the “inside of a court room”: either because they are new, or because they simply don’t challenge the evidence or prosecution on the issues. In those cases, the attorney may simply agrees with whatever the prosecution throws at their clients for conviction and sentencing; You don’t need to pay someone to help you lose;
5. Former Prosecutors: They get a vast amount of trial experience in many types of criminal cases. In Maricopa County particularly, it is not unusually for prosecutors to be in hearings or trial 4 to 5 days a week, every week;

6. Scholars in Arizona DUI & Criminal Defense Law: They know the Arizona criminal law; they are familiar with existing and new laws, changing legislation, and court cases which have outcomes that may impact DUI & Criminal cases in Maricopa County. They recognize that what “laws” make good “defenses”. They know how to use laws in favor of the defendants when appropriate and justified;
7. They Don’t Use “Cookie Cutter” defenses: They understand that “one size does not fit all”. DUI and criminal defense cases are all unique in that each one holds its own set of circumstances; Defense strategies must carefully be tailored or customized to fit the facts surrounding the charges. A particular defense in one case, may lead to a dismissal; but when used in another may result in an unwarranted conviction;
8. They Don’t File Frivolous Motions: An attorney who has a reputation for filing frivolous or unjustified motions loses credibility with judges and the prosecution in courts where they regularly appear;
9. Never Underestimates the Power of Filing EARLY Justified Motions: These often involve motions related to procedural or constitutional rights violations such as 1). Charges being brought in the wrong jurisdiction; or 2). Time limit to prosecutor has expired for that crime under Arizona Constitution. .
10. Home Court Advantage: They defend charges exclusively within Maricopa County. They have built a report and are well respected by law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, court procedures and protocol throughout courts for which they defend clients; Familiarity with opposition provides great advantages;
11. Simplify Complex Issues: Not only are the best attorneys able to interpret the law, but they have the ability to simplify them in the best light for their client’s defense;
12. Passion and Dedication: They are dedicated to their client’s defense and obtaining the most favorable outcome on their behalf; they have a passion for defense; they recognize that the accused has a fundamental right by law to defend their charges in due process as afforded under the United States Constitution and Arizona Law; they make sure defendants are treated fairly, and their constitutional rights are protected, under Federal and Arizona laws;
13. Work Ethic: They make the time needed to tailor, build, and present a compelling defense case which includes gathering, retesting, examining, and challenging evidence for suppression (not to be used), and obtaining exculpatory (evidence in the client’s favor); In other words, they conduct their own defense investigations, concurrently as the prosecution is building their case;
14. Exhaust all means to obtaining the best outcome for their clients: Including case dismissals (partial or complete); negotiating for a better outcome, including leniency in penalties; or alternatives to harsh and unwarranted sentencing such as incarceration.
15. Getting the Case Dismissed is #1 priority: If a client does not wish to challenge their charges; have someone fight for them; or attempt to get their charges dismissed; then they do not need to hire one of the “Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Maricopa County”. In fact, they would not need to hire any criminal defense attorney, in that the case.

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