DUI charges are Criminal Offenses, as opposed to a Civil Citation: Why yu need a criminal defense attorney to defend your DUI – Q & A

Q and A

What You Need to Know About Mesa Charges and Criminal Defense for DUI DWI or Drunk Driving Charges in Mesa AZ
Q. Do I need a DUI lawyer for my Mesa DUI?

A. Yes. Whether your DUI is a felony or misdemeanor, you should consult an Arizona Criminal Defense or DUI lawyer who defends cases in Mesa AZ as soon as possible. Mesa DUI laws are governed by Arizona State Laws and criminal code. Arizona has some of the toughest laws for DUI in the country. *Most types of DUI charges require jail or prison, and suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, as part of the DUI penalties if convicted. In many cases extremely severe penalties are not deserved. This is true especially in the case of a first time Misdemeanor DUI, non-extreme DUI. Many Arizonans argue that jail is too harsh, unjustified, and costly for the State. A DUI lawyer or Criminal Defense attorney in Arizona understands and is familiar with constantly changing criminal and DUI laws, and current case law that may apply to your case and be able to be used in your favor. They will use the laws to protect you and your constitutional rights, and make every effort to get your Mesa DUI charges dismissed, reduced, or otherwise the best possible outcome in your case.
Q. Can I go to my DUI Court without an AZ DUI Lawyer?
A. Yes. But understand that you will be held to the same standards as any DUI defense attorney would with regard to knowing the deadlines, court standards, protocol, and laws. You will not get any leniency by the court, judge or prosecutor if you are not represented by a DUI DWI lawyer for your Mesa DUI.
Mesa AZ DUI defendants feel the criminal justice system and courts are a vast and complex and set up more to convict you than defend you. That is true in many aspects. The Arizona prosecutor has a responsibility convict you of a DUI and impose the most severe penalties possible.

A DUI and Criminal Defense attorney in who defends DUI charges in Mesa AZ on a regular basis will be familiar with the court systems, judges, prosecution, standards, procedures and protocol. Bottom line, these factors will all work to the advantage of your defense.

Q. Will the court judge be more harsh on me, if I hire an attorney defend my Mesa DUI?
A. No. Defendants are many times surprised to find quite the contrary. The Judges prefer a client to have legal representation or an effective defense attorney to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings regarding the laws, processes and sentencing; and will provide them legal guidance verses having no legal guidance regarding protocol and being accused of an Arizona DUI. The judge can then assume you will you understand fully the ramification of the DUI charges, your plea, the verdict, and consequences resulting from the Arizona criminal justice process.

Q. Will the Arizona Prosecutor treat me differently if I hire a private practice DUI lawyer to defend me for my Mesa DUI charges?

A. The AZ prosecution will generally not mistreat you. However, what they don’t want you to know is that it is a “game changer” for them. When a defendant is not represented by a criminal defense attorney, they know they will be able to get a swift and harsh conviction. They know ways that you may not be aware of, that they can cause you to incriminate yourself or harm your own case. In most situations, have the advantage over you in absence of your having effective assistance of legal counsel. They will likely be more familiar with the AZ laws, courts system, and of having built a case of evidence against you. They know that without an effective DUI defense attorney, it will be difficult for you to challenge that evidence or protect yourself. It makes their job much easier to convict you if you do not have a criminal defense attorney representing you.

*All Arizona Laws are subject to change. You should contact an Arizona DUI lawyer in the jurisdiction or city where you received DUI or criminal charges for current laws, and information relating to your specific DUI or criminal matter.

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This blog has been posted for general public informational purposes only. All articles by this author are intended to raise awareness and generate discussion on a variety of Arizona State Law issues and topics. Note that Arizona legislation, laws, criminal code and DUI laws and penalties frequently change. If you have a criminal or DUI defense matter related to this topic, it is important that you consult or hire an Arizona criminal or AZ DUI lawyer in the jurisdiction or municipality of Arizona where you received your charges of up to date information

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