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10 Tips to Finding the “Best” DUI Lawyers in Chandler AZ!

Why You Need the Best Chandler Criminal Attorney to Defend your Criminal Charges
Chandler AZ DUI or Criminal prosecutors, egregiously pursue convictions for DUI & Criminal charges in Chandler. Your chances of getting a DUI or criminal charge dismissed in Chandler AZ, increase dramatically with the retention of a DUI or criminal lawyer in Chandler to represent you. It’s a fact that the effectiveness of your criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between losing your freedom, and getting your charges dropped. It is very rare, if ever, that a person facing Chandler DUI or criminal charges get them dismissed, without retention of an experienced private practice DUI attorney who defends charges in Chandler, AZ. The cost of your freedom and future are much too high to ignore this fact.

10 Tips To Finding the Best DUI lawyer & Criminal Attorney for Chandler AZ Charges

1) Narrow your search by location: Decide how far you are willing to travel to retain a good DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney;
2) If you are not in a position to commute to a criminal defense law firm, but you wish to hire that attorney, they will usually help you make other arrangements. For example, if the client is in jail, the attorney would simply meet travel to where they are to meet with them. A few DUI or criminal attorneys in Chandler AZ charge separately for a jail or prison visit. But if retained, most Maricopa County criminal defense attorneys include it as part of the pre-trial service fees and do not charge extra for the jail visit;
3) You can call The Arizona State Bar, to verify they are licensed as an “Attorneys” in Criminal Defense which encompasses DUI defense. Make sure they are licensed to practice in Arizona and within Maricopa County;
4) Attorneys in other practice areas you know can prove to be good referrals. Ask them who they would hire or recommend. Many lawyers travel in the same circles for seminars, continuing legal education, or other law forums;
5) The best source of referral is from friend, family, or other person with whom you trust; But you should use caution and refrain from discussing details surrounding your charges. You may inadvertently harm your defense and your statements to them may later be used against you. That person may later be subpoenaed or called upon to testify against you. Also, if you call them from the jail or prison, remember that all calls from detainees and inmates are recorded and can also be used against you by the prosecution
6) Reviews from prior clients: There are many places to find reviews including websites, search engines, directories, and many other sources on the internet;
7) By now you should have narrowed your search down to a few choices; Consult at least two or three; discuss your charges and defense options. Most AZ DUI & criminal defense lawyers who defend charges in Chandler AZ usually provide free consultations; If they charge for this service, it is this author’s opinion that you politely say “no-thank-you” and move on to your next choice;
8) Avoid asking “if they can get your case dismissed”. They have not been in contact with the prosecution, seen the evidence, or worked your case. No attorney has a crystal ball. If an attorney “guarantees” they can get your charges dismissed, head for the exit or move on to the next call. They are simply giving you false hopes. You what a trustworthy and ethical lawyer who will respect you with truthful and realistic responses;
9) Ask them about their education, trial experience, credentials, training and anything else that will make you feel you have found the best attorney for the job.

10) Consider costs and fees; but don’t make the cost the only or most important factor in your decision; you’re not searching for the cheapest gallon of gas in town. There is a lot more at stake to consider, and you need to look at service to value. There is nothing a busy attorney dislikes more than someone “calling around” for price checks as though the attorney was selling widgets; Price is not necessarily an indicator of the attorney’s experience, qualifications, or level of service they provide. But if the quote does not sound reasonable to you then move on. On the other hand, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

If you use these tips, they will most likely lead you to the best DUI or Criminal Defense lawyer to defend your Chandler DUI or criminal charges.

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