DUI Blood Test Results: How to challenge Blood Test evidence for DUI defense

7 common areas top Phoenix drunk driving attorneys target to challenge DUI blood test results that can lead to dismissal of your AZ DUI Charges
Phoenix DUI Blood Test Results
If you face drunk driving charges in Phoenix Arizona due to blood test results, you should consult an AZ DUI lawyer who is experienced at challenging blood test results for to discuss your DUI charges and defense options. The best AZ DUI defense lawyers often challenge the blood test results that the prosecution plans to use against you. But sometimes this very same evidence can be used to defend you and even get your AZ DUI charges dismissed.

AZ DUI Laws – 7 Areas to Challenge in AZ DUI Blood Test Evidence

The Phoenix police generally take the blood test and have it processed by their crime lab. In some cases a good DUI defense Attorney can detect violations, errors and defense issues surrounding the blood test evidence, hat can lead to the dismissal of your Phoenix DUI charges. Common errors include, but are not limited to violations concerning the following:

1. The police or personnel taking the test was not properly trained and certified in phlebotomy for DUI and Drug blood drawing; Many Police Department send their officers or other staff for training and certification. The results of a properly trained and certified police officer or other personnel have been upheld for admittance of evidence in court.

2. Temperature, storage, and expiration date guidelines for blood kits were not followed; (Example: Kits were outdated and exposed to extreme Arizona heat of summer in the trunk of a police car);
3. Errors in preservation, storage, and labeling of the blood vial containers; these errors can lead to tainting of the blood and raise questions as to whether or not it is the defendant’s blood sample or was taken from a different defendant. (Yes, it happens);
4. Errors in Arizona criminal law blood taking guidelines;
5. Chemicals used to clean the arm before the blood draw were not proper leading to the tainting of the blood sample;
6. Violations in storage, transport, or processing of the blood by the police and crime lab.

7. The Phoenix Police failed to give you a sample of the blood for your defense, even after you asked for a sample. This is a violation of your rights.

If one or more of these violations or errors exist, your AZ DUI lawyer will recognize it, educate the prosecution and court; present compelling arguments; and file motions in your defense and weaknesses in the State’s case against you. Top AZ DUI lawyers recognize what circumstances present the need to challenge blood results. In many cases this leads to suppression of the evidence on your behalf or a total dismissal of your AZ drunk driving charges.

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