Any Robbery Charge will expose a defendant to prison terms and harsh sentencing if convicted. Find out more about robbery laws and penalties for robbery.

Failure to retain legal representation by an experienced private practice criminal attorney who defends Mesa robbery charges in Arizona will almost always result in conviction.

Mesa AZ robbery charges are considered a Class 4 Felony under Code A.R.S. 13-1902 of Arizona Criminal Law. If you were arrested for robbery in Mesa, AZ you will need to consult good AZ felony attorney who defends felony charges in Mesa AZ regularly. The best criminal lawyers in Arizona agree in most cases that you should initially plead “not guilty” and hire an experienced Arizona criminal attorney who defends Mesa AZ robbery charges to defend your case.

Felony Charges | Robbery Laws | Mesa Arizona
A.R.S. 13-1902 Robbery applies when the following events occur:
A. Someone else’s property was stolen ); and
B. The owner or permissive caretaker, or other authorized party overseeing the property (such as a sales representative at a convenient store) was present at the time of this theft;
C. The property was stolen forcefully against the owner’s or authorized person’s will;
D. The accused intentionally used threat, intimidation, or force, against the owner or custodian of the property to gain control of it, causing the person or authorized party to surrender the property to them against their will.

Robbery Sentencing
Sentencing for robbery in Arizona is harsh. If convicted of Mesa robbery charges, sentencing may include incarceration in state prison with sentences not to exceed 3.75 years; jail sentence up to one year; fines; restitution for the victim’s medical bills, property damage, and stolen property; probation; mandatory counseling; and whatever else the judge feel is necessary based on the facts surrounding your charges. Factors in sentencing by the judge if convicted include any prior criminal record, repeat offenses, nature of robbery, monetary value and number of items stolen.

Robbery Attorney – Criminal Defense for Robbery
Arizona takes a hard line in pursuit of convictions for Mesa AZ robbery charges. If you face Mesa robbery charges, you will need a highly experienced criminal attorney to defend you. Only through qualified legal representation will you gain the best chance at getting a case dismissal, charge or sentencing reduction, or good outcome in your case. Be sure to hire a good felony defense attorney who defends Mesa AZ robbery charges regularly. A good criminal lawyer or defense firm will make sure your rights are not violated; you are treated fairly; and build and mount a strong defense case on your behalf.

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