How to find a lawyer to defend your DUI or criminal charges

How to find the best Phoenix DUI Lawyer in Arizona

If you face Phoenix DUI charges or any Criminal in Arizona, you will need to consult the best Phoenix AZ Criminal defense lawyer or DUI defense Attorney you can find. This is because the State of Arizona has some of the harshest laws and penalties for DUI and criminal conviction in the USA. After being charged with a DUI or crime, most people do not know where to start to find a good criminal defense or DUI lawyer. There are so many. Here are some basic sources to start with:

1) Search the internet you can do searches on the internet and easily get information from attorneys’ websites. Read reviews, compare services, and listings.
2) Get a referral from a trusted family member, friend or neighbor
3) Check on line directory listings for Attorneys
4) Contact the Maricopa County Bar Association
5) Look for Attorneys who are licensed to practice in the State of Arizona and who defends Phoenix DUI charges in the jurisdiction or municipality you where you were charged. Note, it does not matter where you reside, you need a defense attorney in the city, jurisdiction, county or state in which you were charged.

After selecting a few Criminal or DUI defense Attorneys who practice in Phoenix contact them for a free consultation either by phone or in person. You can discuss your charges and defense options. But just as important, is that you find out about them. Here is a short list of some things you want to know about them:

• How familiar are they with the changing Arizona Laws and penalties?
• How often to they defend cases often in Phoenix AZ Court and Arizona criminal justice system?
• How familiar are they with the Judge, prosecution, and court procedures?
• Are they licensed to practice criminal defense in Arizona?
• How long have they defended criminal and DUI charges in Arizona?
• Are they well versed and successful have they been at utilizing DUI and criminal defense strategies
• How long they have they been in practice?
• Are they experienced in trail and litigation in Phoenix?
• Is their Law practice devoted 100% to DUI and criminal defense?
• What are their pre-trial and trial fees?
• How do they expect payment and are they willing to work with you on a payment plan if needed?
• Have they ever been Maricopa County Prosecutors?
• Will they take the time needed to examine the evidence to build and mount a strong DUI or Criminal Defense case challenging the Phoenix prosecution?
• Who will actually be handling the day to day activities, court appearances, investigation and all the services needed for your defense?
• If different than to whom you are speaking, will you get a chance to meet them and ask them these important questions as well?
• Who can you go to for questions throughout your defense process?

Do not be afraid to ask any of these questions. In this case you will be the employer, and the Phoenix DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney will be working for you. It is a big decision, not to be taken lightly. If you choose wisely, it may mean the difference between a criminal conviction and a dismissal of your charges.

If you have been arrested for DUI or criminal charges in Maricopa County contact the Law Office of James Novak, for your Free Consultation at (480) 413-1499. Speak directly with experienced Arizona criminal Defense and DUI Defense Attorney and James Novak (Former Prosecutor). Also visit for helpful DUI and criminal defense information.

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