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What Experienced Tempe Criminal Attorneys Can Do to Get Your Release Conditions Modified (Pre-trial)

After your Tempe arrest and detention you will have an initial appearance before the Tempe Court Judge. The Tempe Court judge will advise you of your pre-trial release conditions. They will let you know if and upon what conditions your release will be allowed. For example, whether or not you are bondable, what if any amount of bail needs to be posted, and whether or not you can be released from custody. The judge looks at many factors before making this decision including classification of the charge such as o, misdemeanor or felony, severity of the crime, if the charges involved a violent crime, your past criminal record if any, whether or not you are a potential “flight risk”, and many other factors. The goal of the court is to secure your appearance for future court dates or trial.

If your release conditions seem to be harsh, unreasonable, financially unobtainable, or burdensome, your will need to retain an Arizona criminal defense attorney. A good Tempe criminal attorney will immediately file a motion to request modification of your pre-trial release conditions. This can be done while you are in custody. Either you or someone on your behalf can consult a Tempe criminal defense lawyer to discuss your charges, defense options, and services of your Attorney’s request to modify your pre-trial release conditions from custody in Tempe AZ.

Modifications your attorney requests depends upon what release conditions were ordered by the judge. Some modifications your Tempe Criminal Attorney may request include but are not limited to lowering the bail bond to a reasonable amount; allowing you to be released on your own recognizance; allow an appearance bail, or allow you to be released to another responsible entity’s custody, home confinement with ankle bracelet security, and other more favorable conditions than initially ordered by the Tempe Court.

When you meet with your Attorney who will be defending your criminal charges and requesting modification of your release conditions, be sure you communicate in detail your concerns about the initial orders and how they will impact you, your family, your job, your financial situation. Your attorney will then formulate compelling arguments and file the appropriate motions with the Tempe court on your behalf.

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