Differences between Standard Sentencing and Mandatory Sentencing Laws

Felony Mandatory Sentencing

Despite Arizona’s “Mandatory Sentencing Laws” it is still possible for good Arizona criminal defense lawyer to get your DUI dismissed or a reduction in charges for “Standard Felony sentencing”. This would enable you the defendant to be eligible for probation instead of prison time.”

Felony Charges in Phoenix
If you face active felony charges in Phoenix you will need to hire a well qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Keep in mind, that just because you were arrested or charged with a felony, it does not mean you will automatically be convicted. There is a lot of room for challenging felonies. But you must hire a good AZ criminal defense lawyer to represent you. Arizona has some of the toughest penalties for felony convictions in the country. A Phoenix felony conviction can expose you to harsh punishments such as lengthy jail time; life long prison terms; restitution; exorbitant fines; probation with interlock monitoring device (ankle bracelets); and a felony criminal record that will haunt you for years into the future.

Arizona “Mandatory Sentencing Laws” for Felony Charges
For more than 30 years, certain felony charges including but not limited to dangerous, violent crimes; sex crimes; assaults involving use of a deadly weapon; assault and battery with a weapon; armed robbery; or repeat offenses; have been subject to Arizona’s Mandatory Sentencing Laws A.R.S. 13-601 and A.R.S. 13-701.
If convicted of certain felonies, you will not be eligible for probation. Instead, you will be sentenced to a prison term within a certain range for that crime. The Arizona judge does have authority to use discretion to order a more aggravated sentences based on the circumstances surrounding the felony charges.

Despite Arizona’s Mandatory Sentencing Laws, it is not uncommon for a good Arizona criminal defense lawyer to get more favorable outcomes such as a dismissal of charges, reduction in charges to a “Standard Felony” to avoid prison, and allow the defendant to be eligible for probation.

Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer for felony criminal and DUI charges
It is important that you hire a good felony defense attorney who is 100% devoted to criminal and DUI defense, with a proven and successful defense track record. Top criminal lawyers who defend felony criminal and DUI charges in Phoenix understand that a defense has two extremely critical points in which to get you the best outcome.

1) The Defense: Defending the client in every aspect of the case, and using all opportunities to challenge evidence in order to suppress it; building a strong defense case, and attempting to get the felonies dismissed, or an acquittal.

2) The Sentencing Stage: If a dismissal of charges can not be achieved, then a good private criminal attorney will fight hard to ensure the best possible outcome that imposes the least impact on your life. This involves active plea efforts by your attorney including the presentation of mitigating factors, reasons, evidence of why you deserve a lesser charge and/or reduced sentencing.

Bottom line, your best chance at getting a felony acquittal, dismissal or otherwise good outcome, is to hire the best Arizona criminal defense or AZ felony DUI lawyer you can find.

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