DUI Arrest: Why you need a Criminal Defense Attorney for DUI Charges

“Even the Best Arizona DUI Lawyers will hire their own Private Practice DUI Lawyer to represent them if they get an Arizona DUI”
AZ DUI Blog By: James Novak, Arizona DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer
Defendants who face Arizona DUI charges in Maricopa County have a constitutional right to hire an AZ DUI Lawyer to defend their case or go without legal representation. They should use it. Representing yourself is risky and imprudent. Some DUI lawyers call it a fast track to an early AZ DUI conviction. Representing yourself makes it easy for an experienced prosecutor to get a conviction.

Was it Theologian, John Calvin centuries ago who said, “Only a fool represents themselves in court”? And was it President Abraham Lincoln who said “Any man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client”? While who coined the phrases may be debatable, their meanings are clear. This is particularly true in the defense of AZ criminal or DUI charges.

Even the best AZ DUI lawyers will hire a third party private practice criminal defense or Phoenix DUI lawyer to defend their DUI if they have the misfortune of getting one. Successfully defending Arizona DUI charges is a serous and complicated legal matter. AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers would agree, to provide a proven and successful DUI defense, requires a vortex of qualifications, training and hundreds of hours of courtroom and trial experience.

Here are at least 10 good reasons you should hire a private practice criminal or DUI trial lawyer in Maricopa County to defend your charges (this list in not all inclusive):

1. To avoid unknowingly saying or doing something that will incriminate your defense case.
2. To avoid unintentionally waiving any constitutional rights you could have used in your defense.
3. To avoid overlooking a defense strategy, that if used properly may have led to dismissal of your charges.
4. To remain detached and objective in examining the facts, evidence and defenses.
5. To eliminate being led into an evidentiary trap, and being lured into it by the prosecution. Many become aware of what happened after the damage is done.
6. To avoid the chance of misinterpretation of the constantly changing and tough AZ DUI Laws, and penalties.
7. To help you recognize and use evidence that is material to building a solid DUI defense strategy. (You may be surprised at the factors which are material. Many reach far beyond just the results of your DUI breathalyzer or blood test.)
8. You want to recognize weaknesses or flaws in the prosecution’s case; and avoid overlooking exculpatory evidence (evidence in your favor) that may strengthen your defense case and lead to a DUI dismissal.
9. You avoid failing to miss any procedural guidelines, deadlines, arguments, or processes that must be followed in the Maricopa County Criminal Justice System. If overlooked they may jeopardize your defense. Many DUI charges are dropped due to procedural errors or protocol violations by police or prosecution.
10. Lastly, a law expert once said “Never underestimate the power of filing early motions” (paraphrased). While they may be seemingly irrelevant to a defendant, or the general public, DUI or Criminal Charges in Arizona are dismissed every day due to procedural or defense motions filed early in the criminal or DUI case by the defendant’s
AZ DUI or AZ criminal defense lawyer.
The stakes are high. No matter whether you were arrested for a misdemeanor DUI or Felony DUI, the negative consequences can be life altering. Arizona has some of the toughest DUI Laws and penalties in the country including Jail or prison terms; Vehicle interlock devices; Hefty fines, fees, costs and/or restitution; Probation; Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license; Participation in drug or alcohol treatment programs; and long term Criminal Records. Hiring a private practice AZ DUI lawyer who is highly trained, skilled, qualified and experienced in defending Maricopa DUI cases on a daily basis is your best chance at a DUI dismissal or other favorable outcome.

This article and commentary has been posted for general public informational purposes only. All articles by this author are intended to raise awareness and generate discussion on a variety of Arizona State Law issues and topics. Note that Arizona legislation, laws, and bills are often presented and changing. If you have a criminal or DUI defense matter related to this topic, it is important that you consult or hire an Arizona criminal or AZ DUI lawyer in the jurisdiction or municipality of Arizona where you received your charges for up to date information.

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