Things you can do to make sure you retain the best attorney to defend your criminal charges

The Best Criminal Attorney in Chandler AZ is the One that is Right for You.

There are plenty of good criminal and DUI defense lawyers who defend criminal or DUI charges in Chandler AZ. But the question is which one is right for you? It will take some effort on your part. It likens to the age old cliché “Sweat now, bleed less later.”

Here are some tools that will help you make your decision. Below is a list of things you can do to help you find the best criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer to defend your criminal or DUI charges in Chandler AZ: :
• The internet. Sound remedial, right? The fact is some people do not realize they should hire an attorney licensed in criminal law in Arizona to defend their Arizona charges. Look for “criminal defense attorney” or “DUI defense Attorney” “DUI or Criminal Defense firms”. Even better, type in the name of the charges or reason for your arrest such as “assault defense attorney” or “drug charges attorney”.

• Be sure to limit your search within the jurisdiction, city or county and state you received the criminal charges or where you were arrested. You will want to choose an attorney who defends charges like yours often in the court for which you are required to appear.

• Then select a few Criminal and DUI attorneys. Review those Attorneys’ Websites in more detail. Do their websites provide adequate information about that attorney? Does their website provide useful criminal defense or DUI defense information?

• Web Directories. There are hundreds of on-line Attorney directories. Some are free and some cost the attorneys to be listed on them. Take lightly those sites that describe themselves as strictly “rating” sites. You should know there are no official governing entities in the state of Arizona who “rate” attorneys. Many of the rating sites charge the attorney and they are rated according to how much they are willing to pay. Some require a certain number of attorneys to recommend them. But in the end, none of them are federally, state, or official governing entities who exist simply to rate attorneys performance. .

• Forums, Social Networks, or Reviews with posted on the Attorney’s website by prior clients. There is no substitute for a prior client’s experience with that attorney or law firm. Many will provide information as to the outcome of their case as well as the service they experienced throughout the criminal defense process. Caution: do not post details regarding your criminal or DUI charges before or during the process of your situation while you have active criminal or DUI charges. Your comments are considered public information and can be used against you.

• Referrals from those you trust, such as friends or family. Again, do not discuss details surrounding your charges.

• Arizona State Bar and/or the Maricopa County Bar Association. You can confirm if they are licensed to practice criminal law in Arizona how long they have been licensed in Arizona. They may also have other useful information to assist you.

• After narrowing your search to several attorneys, or law firms, contact them for a confidential and free consultation.

• During the consultation (by phone or in person), explain your charges, and answer the Attorney’s questions if they have any. Generally the attorney will need to get information to further assist you, discuss your defense options and provide you with a rate quote for formal legal representation.

• Obtain information or questions you have as well. Remember the attorney is limited to what can be provided without having evidence and documentation and formal representation. But you should be able to gain enough information to help you decide if this it is the best attorney to defend your charges in Chandler.

• The Attorney will usually be able to provide you a rate quote. If you feel this is the best attorney for you, but price is an issue. Let them know that. Most criminal and DUI attorneys have some flexibility. Some will allow partial payments, especially in the event of multiple or serious criminal charges. But in any situation, it does not hurt to ask. Some of the best criminal and DUI attorneys in Arizona are some of the most affordable.

Selecting the best DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney to represent you in Chandler AZ court for your charges is an extremely important decision. It’s your future, your freedom, and your reputation at stake. A criminal conviction can have adverse consequences that follow you for life. A wise choice about who to hire will increase your chances of getting your charges dropped, a not-guilty verdict, a dismissal or reduction of charges or sentencing.

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