Finding the Best Criminal Attorneys: Gilbert AZ has many good DUI attorneys. But certain traits they possess, will help you find the best to defend you.

“15 traits that the best criminal attorneys process”

The best criminal defense attorneys must possess many important traits. Here we’ll look at 15 traits that separate good DUI lawyers from the best DUI lawyers who defend Criminal and DUI charges in Gilbert Arizona:

1. Experience, Experience, Experience. You want to know how much experience the DUI Lawyer handling your case has; not the law firm “accumulatively”. The “accumulation” won’t be defending you. In most cases it will be one individual lawyer;
2. Communication: Good trial lawyers are good listeners; they know that your freedom and future are at stake. They know that many winning cases are due to issues challenged that were hidden in the “details”; and you can trust, they don’t miss any, details that is;
3. Compelling: Experienced trial lawyers are persuasive and articulate; They are able to tailor, build and present compelling arguments in your defense. If effective, they can sometimes influence the prosecution, a jury, and the judge when necessary; It’s far better to have a compelling attorney present a good argument, than to have an unconvincing attorney present a great argument;
4. Court Room & Trial Defense: hundreds, or better, thousands of hours in past litigation;
5. Former Prosecutors: They get a vast amount of trial experience in many types of criminal cases.

6. The ability to correctly interpret the law and defenses that if used, may lead to suppression of evidence or a dismissal of charges based on the facts of the case;
7. They carefully tailor and build each client’s defense strategically based on the evidence and facts surrounding the charges; They understand that “one size fits all” does not apply in DUI and criminal defense cases and that every case is unique;
8. They never file frivolous motions: An attorney who chronically files frivolous motions loses all credibility and respect of the judges and prosecution in the courts for which they appear frequently;
9. They never under estimate the power and effectiveness of filing early and justified defense motions. These often involve filing defense motions related to procedural, legislative, or constitutional issues such as 1). The defendant is being prosecuted in the wrong jurisdiction; 2). time limit to prosecute or formally charge someone with a particular crime has expired under constitutional limitations; or 3) Speedy Trial Rights were violated. In some cases the charges will be dropped permanently In others, they can be brought again depending on the circumstances.
10. They defend cases in Gilbert AZ Criminal and Gilbert DUI Courts frequently: They are respected by the police, prosecutors, and judges, they are very familiar with standard court procedures and protocol; easily remembered as “home Court advantage”;
11. They have the ability to understand, interpret, and explain complex issues of AZ criminal law into simple terms to those necessary including a jury if needed;
12. They are passionate and dedicated to their client’s defense and obtaining the most favorable outcome on their behalf; They make sure defendants are treated fairly, and their constitutional rights are protected, under Federal and Arizona laws;
13. They make the time needed to tailor, build, and present compelling arguments in the client’s defense based on the evidence and facts of the case;
14. They conduct their own defense investigations, concurrently with the prosecution building theirs;
15. They exhaust all avenues available to get the best outcome in their clients including dismissals (partial or complete); negotiating for a better outcome, including leniency in penalties; or alternatives to harsh and unwarranted sentencing such as incarceration.

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