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By: James Novak, Arizona DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney

After the reality of a DUI arrest sets in, you are overwhelmed and realize you need an Arizona DUI Lawyer to defend you. And you wonder if you can afford a good DUI or Criminal defense lawyer. First, you should ask yourself can I afford “not” to have a good DU defense attorney. Arizona has some of toughest DUI laws and punishments in the Country. To go unrepresented by a good DUI lawyer, through the maze of the Arizona Criminal Justice system is the fastest route to a most certain DUI conviction. With that in mind, here are 5 facts you should know about the cost of retaining a DUI defense Attorney in Arizona:

1) No Arizona Attorney governing entities dictate how much a Criminal or DUI Attorney can charge. (Unless you are covered under and using a pre-paid legal program through your employer or pre-paid legal service). As a result you may get quotes all over the board for the same charges, just different attorneys. One may quote you $1000.00 and the other $8,000.00 to give you the same competent legal representation.

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