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What you may not realize is that behind the scenes an experienced DUI or Criminal defense lawyer is involved in many activities on your behalf. If you were arrested in Phoenix AZ a DUI or other criminal charge it is important that you consult a private criminal defense attorney who defends criminal charges in Phoenix Court. Most DUI criminal and DUI attorneys provide free consultations. It will be well worth your time to discuss your charges, range of sentencing for those charges and your defense options.

Once retained, your Phoenix DUI or criminal defense attorney will guide you through every phase of the Arizona criminal justice system, keep you informed and answer all of your questions. Here are 10 other things a good Phoenix AZ DUI defense or Criminal defense attorney will be doing with you as a team, or behind the scenes:

1. Gathering and examining evidence;
2. Looking for exculpatory evidence (evidence in your favor);
3. Consideration of obtaining outside experts to testify on evidence or facts and review of their findings;
4. Reviewing all documents including but not limited to police reports, the complaint, test results, and photographs, and #911 call transcripts;
5. Interviewing or deposing witnesses including detectives and arresting police officers;
6. Based on the evidence (or lack of it) determine the best defense strategies that can be used to build your defense case;
7. Mounting your defense case against the prosecution. This is not something that just happens at trial. An experienced attorney will take every legal opportunity in the criminal justice system phases to utilize defense tactics to get evidence suppressed, reduction in charges, or a dismissal of your case. A good criminal defense or DUI lawyer will waste no time and recognize the opportunities;
8. Participating in court hearings, such as status or pre-trial conferences, which focus on legal issues such as admissibility or suppression of evidence; modifying pre-trial release conditions, and plea negotiations;
9. Preparation of your defense case to challenge the prosecution’s case, and present compelling arguments on your behalf at trial;
10. Throughout the processes, your attorney will be working with you and the prosecution to work out a mutually agreeable resolution which would avoid the expense, adverse impacts and uncertainties of trial results. The resolution must be approved by the court as well. Plea negotiations can include but are not limited to more satisfactory resolutions such as modification of the charges to lesser charges and sentencing, an agreement not to file new charges, sentencing of probation instead of jail time, reducing jail or prison sentences, dismissing a portion of the charges or a total dismissal of charges.

Make sure that the DUI and criminal defense criminal defense attorney, who will be representing you in Phoenix court, is in a position to devote the time and effort and is needed and that they are qualified to take the necessary actions in your defense. Look for an attorney who has the credentials and a vast amount of litigation experience to do what needs to be done to prepare and build a successful defense on your behalf. If you are represented by such an attorney your chances of getting your DUI or criminal charges reduced or dismissed significantly increase.

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