Synthetic Marijuana (Spice) Bill Signed Permanently into Law; Effective Immediately

On February 18, 2011 synthetic Marijuana Bill HB 2167 was signed into law, permanently banning use, possession, or sale in Arizona.

February 24, News Post
Article by: James Novak, Phoenix DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney
The permanent ban has now been signed into Arizona law by Governor Jan Brewer, which takes effect immediately. Synthetic Marijuana (fake pot) was found to be responsible for such severe and sometimes fatal conditions including but not limited to seizures, strokes, high blood pressure, visual disturbances, heart dysfunctions and more. The synthetic Marijuana chemical compounds were found to be 700 times more potent then the authentic substances of the active ingredients in Marijuana.

Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney stated that those using, possessing or selling this drug should “consider themselves on notice”. He vowed to aggressively prosecute those who have been charged or arrested for using, possessing or selling synthetic marijuana; and that this and similar drugs pose a threat to the citizens of Maricopa County.

Sources: Office of the Governor, and Local Television News Agencies.
This news is a follow-up article to dated December 15, 2010 regarding Temporary Ban on use of synthetic or fake Marijuana also known as Spice: Click on this link for more detailed information on synthetic marijuana and the ban on it.
Author: James Novak – Criminal Defense and DUI lawyer in Arizona (Former Prosecutor).

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