DUI & Criminal Charges: How to preserve your rights; and avoid self-incrimination.

“How good defense Attorneys in Phoenix help you avoid self-incrimination after an arrest for Phoenix DUI or Criminal Charges”

Experienced Phoenix Criminal Lawyers may disagree on a variety of topics related to criminal defense. But one thing good criminal defense lawyers will always agree on, is that you preserve your “right to remain silent” and “your right to an attorney”.

Following your arrest for Phoenix DUI or criminal charges you should not agree to be interrogated or answer any questions regarding your guilt or innocence or any other facts surrounding the Phoenix Criminal or DUI charges, until and unless your Phoenix criminal defense lawyer or Phoenix DUI Attorney is present.

An arrest for Phoenix DUI or criminal charges is a traumatic ordeal. If you can remember nothing else, once you have been arrested or taken into custody, you must remember to “Remain Silent”. Do not agree to answer questions or to be interrogated about the criminal charges without your Phoenix Defense Attorney present. Following a Phoenix DUI arrest or arrest for any other Criminal Charges, you may feel that everything is out side of your control. But there are two things that will remain within your control, unless you voluntarily give up control or waive your rights:

1. Your Right to an Attorney; and
2. Your Right to Remain Silent
At the point that you are arrested, hand cuffed and taken into custody, the Phoenix Police have already made up their minds to arrest you and take you into custody. Beware, the police are taking notes of your every action and word. The Phoenix Police work closely with the Arizona Prosecution to get a conviction. So they will use whatever you do and against you if they can. There is no benefit to allowing yourself to be interrogated or questioned following your arrest or detention for the criminal or DUI charges. It can only detriment your defense. The Phoenix Police and Arizona Prosecution may appear to be sincere. They would like you to believe that their motive to “help” you in your defense. Not so – Don’t buy it. Their job is to convict you, not defend you.

You will make the Arizona Prosecution’s job easier to convict you of the crime if you allow yourself to be interrogated or questioned in absence of your Phoenix Defense Lawyer. The Police and Prosecution are elated when defendants give them narratives or allow themselves to be interrogated without their Phoenix defense attorney present following their arrest. Any information they obtain from you will be used to strengthen their case against you in order to get a conviction. You do not have to help them convict you.

Phoenix DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers in Arizona
As soon as reasonably possible, following your arrest, you should retain representation of a private practice Phoenix DUI lawyer or Phoenix criminal defense attorney. A good Phoenix DUI lawyer, who defends Criminal and DUI charges on a regular basis, will act as a barrier between you and the Phoenix police/prosecution. An experienced criminal defense attorney will make sure your constitutional rights are protected; make sure you are treated fairly; be present during any interrogations in a more controlled environment to protect you from unfair questioning; object to or provide guidance on whether or not you are required to answer certain questions that may incriminate you or harm your defense; and begin tailoring and building a strong defense on your behalf. A good Phoenix criminal attorney or Phoenix DUI lawyer will make every effort to get your charges dismissed, in whole or in part, or reduced. Retaining an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney or criminal defense lawyer is by far, your best chance of getting your charges dismissed, or the otherwise best possible outcome in your case.

This blog has been posted for general public informational purposes only. All articles by this author are intended to raise awareness and generate discussion on a variety of Arizona State Law issues and topics. Note that Arizona legislation, laws, criminal code and DUI laws and penalties frequently change. If you have a criminal or DUI defense matter related to this topic, it is important that you consult or hire an Arizona criminal or AZ DUI lawyer in the jurisdiction or municipality of Arizona where you received your charges of up to date information.

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