Public comments on the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act initial rules obviously had an impact based on the new rules posted January 31, 2011 by ADHS.

February 3, 2011 Post
Article by: James Novak, Phoenix DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney
It seems like just yesterday the votes on AZ Prop 203 were finally counted, and the law passed. Yet, here we are just a few months away from implementation.New revised rules were posted January 31, 2011 on the official ADHS website. The public has until February 18, 2011 to post electronic comments to the revised rules. Revisions were made in part based on comments contributed by the public after the initial draft rules were drafted and posted.

If you are following the events leading to implementation, mark your calendars for the next important dates that were published on the ADHS website:

1) March 28, 2011 – Final rules will be published by ADHS. These rules will l be the ones used for implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

2) April 2011 – Applications will be accepted and considered by ADHS for patients and caregivers who meet the required qualifications.

3) May 1, 2011: applications will be accepted and considered for dispensary registration certificates by AHDS.

ADHS will consider public comments on the revised rules until February 18, 2011. Based on the amount of changes made which can be viewed on the ADHS website, your opinions on the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act initial rules made a difference. Just the votes, every one was considered and counted. Many had regrets one way or the other if they did not vote when they had the chance on AZ Proposition 203. Don’t pass up another chance to post a constructive comment on the new rules.

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