10 Good Reasons a Maricopa County Judge will consider for Modifying Release Conditions

Winning Defense Arguments used by top rated Maricopa County DUI or Criminal Defense Attorneys to Modify Release Conditions in your favor.

You or someone on your behalf should consult a criminal or DUI defense lawyer in Scottsdale as soon as possible if you have been arrested or taken into custody. Here is just one reason why: Following your arrest for DUI or other Criminal Charges in Maricopa County you will remain in police custody until you appear before the Maricopa County Court Judge who will read you your formal complaint, rights, and pre-trial release conditions.

The Maricopa County Court Judge’s release conditions should meet the standard of A.R.S. Criminal code Rule 7 requirement of “onerous” (or the least burdensome) initial pre-trial release conditions based on your charges and factors that surround it. If these initial release conditions are too harsh, or unreasonable, you should retain the services of an experienced criminal lawyer who defends criminal, Drug, or DUI charges in Maricopa County. Your Maricopa County Criminal defense Attorney can file an immediate motion while you are still in custody, to modify your release conditions. They will present compelling arguments, and remind the Maricopa County Judge, and prosecution of the Arizona Rule 7 “onerous” standards. The intent of the standard is that it is of a necessary nature only to secure attendance at future court appearances or trial, and that based on the charges, your release does not pose a threat or harm to the community.

Below are 10 of many arguments your attorney may use and the Maricopa County Court will consider in your defense if they apply, in order to honor your Maricopa County criminal attorney’s request to modify your release conditions. This list is not all inclusive:

1) You have a serious medical condition or disability that requires special or constant medical attention or treatment.
2) Financial hardship that will be imposed upon your family, especially if you are the sole provider.
3) Lack of anyone to care for your children while you are in custody, especially if you are a single parent with no other alternatives for their care and supervision.
4) You are the sole care giver to a disabled, ill or elderly family member.
5) Longevity of your residence in Arizona. Strong ties to your family, home, job, in order to illustrate that you are not a “flight risk”.
6) Name and relationship of another responsible, stable person to whom you can be released to for supervision, who will assure your attendance at future court appearances for which you are required to attend.
7) Your willingness to give up any passports that would allow you to flee the United States, or some other type of assurance that you are not in a position to leave the state of Arizona.
8) Lack of financial resources to make bail.
9) You have no prior criminal record or convictions.
10) Nature of the charges for which you were arrested, were not violent. You did not harm or intend to harm anyone. And your release from police custody does not pose as threat to society.

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