Felony Classifications: How Felony offenses are classified

Top AZ criminal defense and DUI lawyers agree that early retention is a major factor in getting your felony charges dismissed or other successful outcome in your case.

Arizona Felony Charges
If you face active AZ felony charges, you already know it is serious. Keep in mind, if you have just recently been arrested or charged, that it does not mean you were “convicted”. There is a lot of room for challenging felonies. But you must hire a good AZ criminal defense lawyer to represent you. Arizona has some of the toughest penalties for felony convictions in the country. A conviction can expose you to harsh punishments such as lengthy jail time; life long prison terms; restitution; exorbitant fines; probation with interlock monitoring device (ankle bracelets); and a felony criminal record that will haunt you for years into the future. Your best chance at getting your case dismissed, or otherwise good outcome, is to retain a good Arizona criminal defense or AZ felony DUI lawyer.

Felony Classifications – AZ Felony DUI Laws | Felony Criminal Laws
Arizona Classifications can be found by at the Arizona Legislature Website under A.R.S 13-601, a under “Classification of offenses.”
Basically, Arizona distinguishes felonies into 6 classifications: Class 1 through Class 6 with Class 1 being the most serious charges. Class 1 felonies usually involve violent crimes, or crimes involving use of a deadly weapon. All AZ felonies are serious. The severity of the sentencing is usually commensurate with the severity of crime. These are detailed at A.R.S. 13-701. Sentence of imprisonment for felony; presentence report; aggravating and mitigating factors; consecutive terms of imprisonment; definition,. Even the lesser of felony penalties can overwhelmingly effect your life, including your freedom, future, driving privileges, current job, or ability to obtain a future job, credit and more. This is true even for or a Class 6 felony, and should be taken very seriously.
Each class has a minimum and maximum range. If convicted of a felony in Arizona, the judge decides what punishments within that range are will to apply. But they also have authority to order more serious penalties and sometimes lesser penalties outside of the minimums and maximums. The judge considers many factors in making this decision including facts and nature of the crime, first time or repeat offender, and other criteria.

AZ Criminal Defense Lawyer for felony Charges
It is important that you hire a felony defense attorney who is 100% devoted to criminal and DUI defense. A good AZ criminal lawyer will make sure your rights are protected; conduct their own investigation; try to obtain exculpatory evidence (evidence in your favor); challenge evidence the prosecution plans to use against your; look for flaws or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case; present compelling arguments about these issues; file defense motions on your behalf; and guide you through the processes of the Arizona criminal justice system; Good AZ felony defense lawyer will exhaust all avenues possible, to try to gain a dismissal of your felony charges, a reduction of charges and sentencing or the otherwise best outcome possible in your case.
The longer you wait to hire a private attorney, the more difficult it is for your felony criminal or DUI lawyer to build a winning defense. Top AZ criminal defense and DUI lawyers agree that early retention is a major factor in getting a successful outcome in your felony case.

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