BY: James Novak, Tempe AZ DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney
Here are 10 Tempe Court rules you need to know before your criminal or DUI court hearing in Tempe Arizona:

1) All mobile devices are to be powered down or turned off while in the courtroom.
2) Weapons are prohibited. No food, chewing gum, or chewing tobacco are allowed inside the building.
3) No texting.
4) No reading of newspapers, magazines, or books.
5) Sit quietly while court is in session. Talking or whispering to others is prohibited out of respect for the court in session. In addition, background noise or other voices can interfere with the court reporter’s documenting of the record, as well as concentration of all parties in the current session including that of the judge, defendant, and attorneys involved.
6) Stand up when the Judge enters the court room.
7) Address the Judge as “your honor” such as “yes, your honor” or “no your honor”.
8) Always stand a few feet away from the judge’s bench. Never lean on the judge’s or officer’s bench.
9) Wear proper attire, including shirts and shoes. Make sure your attire is clean, neat, and in acceptable condition. Do not wear anything with slogans or pictures that may be offensive or disrespectful to anyone. Take off any hats before entering the courtroom. While the most Attorneys will be wearing suites, you do not have to dress formally.
10) If possible avoid bringing infants or small children into the courtroom. If you must bring them, make sure they are quiet and in good behavior. If they become a disruption of any kind, parents may be asked to leave with them.

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