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How to find the “Best” DUI Lawyers in Tempe AZ

How Good Criminal Lawyers turn into the “Best” Tempe Criminal Defense Attorneys

There are many good DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys lawyer in Tempe. But this article will reveal some factors that make a good DUI and criminal lawyers, the best DUI & Criminal defense lawyers in Tempe AZ. Below is a list of some of many traits turn the good into the best. But to pick the one most important, my opinion is that it is the DUI or Criminal lawyer who can identify and utilize the best defense strategy for the DUI or criminal case they are defending Many criminal and DUI cases have been won, dismissed or acquitted due to details or procedural errors. Every DUI or Criminal case has its own unique defendant, evidence, and facts. Criminal defense attorneys must tailor and customize the defense strategy based on those factors. One size does not fit all, when it comes to a defense strategy for Tempe DUI and Criminal Cases.. The good thing about Former Prosecutors is that they know both sides Prosecution and Defense rules very well – what can and can’t be done for the defendant to get the best outcome in their case.

DUI Lawyers in Tempe – What to Look for to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Good criminal defense attorneys must possess many important traits. Here will we look at just a few of those traits that make good DUI attorneys the best, as they relate to the matter of Arizona criminal laws and defenses:

• Experience, Experience, Experience;
• Trial Defense – hundreds, or thousands of hours in past litigation;
• Former Prosecutors -They get both of the above quickly and are in court almost daily.
• The ability to correctly interpret the law and defenses;
• Can identify those which will serve their clients defense the most effectively, under the proper circumstances;
• They never file frivolous motions which results in loss of credibility and respect of the judges and prosecutors in the courts they defend clients in frequently.
• At the same time, they never under estimate a power and effectiveness of filing early motions in defense, if they are justified. These sometimes involve procedural issues such as 1). Prosecution taking place in an incorrect jurisdiction; or 2). The time limit to prosecute and formally charge someone with a certain crime is outside the constitutional time limitations.
• They defend cases in Tempe Criminal and Tempe Dui courts frequently; they know the prosecutors, judges, procedures and protocol- it does make a difference.
• They have the ability to explain complex issues of AZ criminal law into simple terms for the client and the jury if needed;
• They are dedicated, and passionate about defending their clients and getting them the best possible outcome;
• They make sure defendants are treated fairly and with respect under Arizona laws;
• They will make the time needed to tailor, build, and present compelling arguments in the client’s defense based on the evidence and facts of the case;
• They will conduct their own investigation, concurrently with the prosecution building theirs;
• They will exhaust all avenues available to get the best outcome in their clients including dismissals (partial or complete); negotiating for a better outcome, including leniency in penalties; or alternatives to harsh and unwarranted sentencing such as incarceration.

There are many other factors to consider outside of the realm of this article which highlights defense strategy. On this blog site we cover this issue continually. So if you would like more information on this topic, you can check the archives, and subscribe to new posts with always current content. Let us know if you “Like” this post and we welcome you to “Share”!

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