Marijuana Sales Penalties
“Hiring a good private practice Tempe criminal defense or drug defense lawyer is your best chance to get a good outcome for your Marijuana sales charges.”

If you were arrested in Tempe, AZ or face Marijuana (also called Pot, Cannabis, or Weed) sales charges in Tempe, you should consult a Tempe drug defense lawyer or Tempe criminal defense attorney. Convictions for charges of selling Marijuana carry severe in Arizona. Sentencing is the harshest for Marijuana production, manufacturing, distribution, sales, or intent to sell in Tempe, Arizona.

Whether your charges were in Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, or any other city in Arizona makes no difference, in that any Marijuana charges in Arizona will fall under rule of law of the State of Arizona Criminal Code 13 which describes Marijuana law as found in “A.R.S. 13-3405. Possession, use, production, sale or transportation of marijuana; classification”.

Sale of Marijuana Classifications
• Under 2 lbs = Class 4 felony;
• Between 2-4 lbs = Class 3 felony;
• Over 4 lbs= Class 2 felony:

Trafficking/Producing Marijuana
• Less than 2 lbs= Class 5 felony;
• Between 2-4 lbs = Class 4 felony;
• Over 4 lbs= Class 3 felony;
• Transporting/importing: less than 2 lbs = Class 3 felony; Over 2 lbs.: Class 2 felony
Factors that determine the severity of Marijuana Penalties and
• Quantity of Marijuana alleged to be for sale or intended to sell
• Any prior criminal history
• Any prior Marijuana convictions
• Strength of the prosecution’s evidence and case against you.

Marijuana Sales Penalties if convicted :
1. Less than 2 lbs: 1 ½ to 3 years in jail. Fines from $750.00 to $150,000.00.
2. For 2lbs to 4 lbs: 2 ½ to 7 years of jail time and fines ranging from $750-$150,000.00.
3. Exceeding 4lbs: 4 to 10 years of jail. Fines range from $750-$150,000.00.

Criminal Defense Attorney Tempe, AZ
A good private practice criminal defense or drug defense attorney who defends cases frequently in Tempe will gather and examine evidence; conduct their own independent investigation; interview witnesses; utilize experts if necessary, find out if any of your constitutional rights were violated, file motions, prepare for and defend you at hearings, or trial, determine which of many defenses can be used based on the circumstances surrounding your charges, negotiate with the prosecution and file motions with the court in an attempt to get you the very best outcome in your case.

Going unrepresented by a good private practice Tempe AZ Drug defense Attorney or Tempe criminal defense lawyer is the fastest route to a conviction. There is too much to lose to attempt to go unrepresented. You need a strong Tempe criminal defense attorney to frequently defend drug charges to represent you for Marijuana Sales charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Tempe understands the Tempe Court system, procedures, laws, and the defenses that can be used to defend your Marijuana charges. Hiring a good private practice Tempe criminal defense or drug defense lawyer is your best chance to get a good outcome for your Tempe Marijuana sales charges. A good Tempe Marijuana criminal defense Attorney will make sure your get you fair treatment in court; your constitutional rights are protected; minimize the impact the charges; challenge evidence for suppression, attempt to get charges reduced, and make every effort if possible to get your Marijuana sales charges dismissed.

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This post was intended to provide general information only and is not intended as specific legal advice. You should not rely upon this information alone, but should consult legal counsel regarding the application of the laws and regulations discussed and as applied to your specific case or circumstance.

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