Felony Super Extreme DUI: Find out what aggravating factors will raise a Misdemeanor Super Extreme DUI to serious Felony charges

Super Extreme Felony DUI Laws Chandler AZ:

Under Arizona Law A.R.S. 28-1383, a person can be charged with a Felony Super Extreme DUI offense. A Felony DUI is also known as Aggravated DUI. A Super Extreme DUI can be charged if a driver’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) exceeds 0.20% based on DUI breathalyzer or blood test; and “Aggravating factors existed: :

Felony or Aggravated factors are those that elevate a Misdemeanor DUI to a Felony DUI. They can include any or more of the following circumstances:

1. The driver was charged with Super Extreme DUI (BAC 0.20% or greater), while driving on a suspended, cancelled or revoked license;
2. The driver was charged with Super Extreme DUI (BAC 0.20% or greater); and it is their third or more DUI within 84 months of any two prior DUI offense convictions;
3. The driver was charged with Super Extreme DUI (BAC 0.20% or greater); while carrying a passenger age 15 or under, in the vehicle.

Felony Super Extreme DUI Penalties:

• Mandatory Minimum 120 days in prison; increases with 4 or more convictions;
• Driver’s License Revocation 3 years;
• Mandatory alcohol education, counseling or treatment program;
• Minimum 30 hours Community Service;
• Ignition Interlock device for vehicle – current term requirements;
• Fines, court fees, prison assessments and fees exceeding $4,000.00 and higher.

Criminal Defense for Felony Super Extreme DUI charges Chandler AZ

All DUI charges in Arizona are serious. But Felony Super Extreme DUI charges can have long lasting adverse impacts for life. These serious charges require highly qualified legal representation. If you face Aggravated Super Extreme DUI charges, you should retain a good criminal defense lawyer with a vast amount of litigation experience. You will need a multi-facet defense. Many areas of defense can surround an aggravated DUI charge, including but not limited to constitutional rights violations; evidentiary issues; and mitigation of the charges and sentencing. Your chances of getting any favorable resolution will increase significantly with retention of a private practice criminal defense firm.

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