Felony Charge Defense: Three Levels of Criminal Defense. Why you need qualified legal representation at all three levels for felony charges

Felony Charges Scottsdale AZ

All felony convictions in Arizona expose a defendant to prison sentencing and other harsh penalties. If you face any type of felony charge, you should consult an experienced criminal attorney to discuss your charges and defense options. There are three critical phases in criminal justice process, where you should have legal representation.

Three Tiers of Criminal Defense
Each type of representation includes stages that present opportunities for criminal defense to obtain a resolution in your case.

1) Pre-trial defense: Gathering Evidence, filing early procedure motions in your defense, attending conferences and hearings, hiring experts, having DUI blood evidence retested, and using all opportunities to challenge evidence, and find flaws in state prosecution’s evidence in an effort in order to suppress it; building a strong defense case, and attempting to get the felonies dismissed.

2) Trial Defense:
If the defense and prosecution are unable to agree on an acceptable resolution to the felony charges or negotiate an acceptable plea agreement, the felony case will be set for trial. Your criminal attorney will attend pre-trail conferences, readiness conferences; prepare for trial; tailor and present defense strategies; interview and depose witnesses; file motions for defenses; and make sure your trial rights and constitutional rights are protected throughout the process.

3) Sentencing Defense: If there is no chance of getting the charges dismissed due to the strength of the evidence and nature of the charges, then a good private criminal attorney will work hard to ensure that you will get the best possible outcome in your case. This involves active plea efforts by your attorney including the presentation and argument of mitigating factors, evidence and reasons why you deserve a lesser charge and/or reduced sentencing on your behalf.

Criminal Defense for Felonies in Scottsdale AZ

If you wish to defend your Felony charges, you will need to plead “not guilty”. This will invoke your rights to retain a qualified criminal attorney to legally represent you. Your best chance at getting any favorable decisions in your case, is to retain a private practice criminal attorney who is experienced in defending the type of criminal charges you face.. A defendant may sometimes be able to get the harsh sentencing reduced if mitigating factors can be presented and argued effectively by a qualified criminal defense attorney. Depending on the situation, even more favorable outcomes can be obtained, such as a reduction or dismissals of all or a portion of the charges; avoidance of long term prison sentencing or any prison term; allowing the defendant to be eligible for probation, and other mitigated outcomes.

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