Just because you were charged or arrested for criminal or DUI in Scottsdale does not mean you are automatically “guilty” of those charges…even if the evidence against you is overwhelming.

Scottsdale Criminal Defense
If you face criminal charges or a DUI charges in Scottsdale AZ, you can fight your charges and win. Your chances increase drastically of getting a good outcome in your case if you hire a good Scottsdale criminal or Scottsdale DUI attorney or Arizona criminal defense lawyer who practices frequently in Scottsdale. Just because you were charged or arrested for criminal or DUI charges doesn’t mean you are “guilty” of those charges…even if the evidence against you is overwhelming.

The fact is that criminal and DUI charges are dropped, dismissed, acquitted every day with experienced Scottsdale Legal Representation from good criminal defense and DUI lawyers on board.

Your Constitutional Rights entitle you to remain silent, be treated fairly, and retain the services of a Scottsdale criminal defense or Scottsdale DUI Attorney– these inherent rights are there for your protection. Don’t let them be abused. Use them to your advantage. The Scottsdale Prosecution and judge want convictions. Only good private practice criminal defense or DUI Lawyer who defends DUI and criminal charges in Scottsdale, AZ frequently will defend your charges, your rights, your freedom and your future.

Defending Criminal Charges in Scottsdale, AZ
You may wonder whether or not you should hire a Scottsdale Criminal defense or DUI defense attorney. First find out what they will or can do for you. In the least, you should contact an experienced criminal or DUI defense Attorney for a consultation. Most of the best criminal defense and Scottsdale DUI lawyers in Arizona provide free initial consultations. You will get insight into your charges, sentencing you will be facing if convicted, and a comfort level in your decision.

What Your Scottsdale Criminal Lawyer will do for you
Here is brief list outlining what a good criminal defense attorney, or experienced DUI lawyer who defends cases in Scottsdale, AZ will do for you:
• File notice to the court that you are being legally represented and request that all communications go through the defense attorney.
• File notice to the court of “not guilty” plea and defenses on your behalf.
• Listen to your side of the story. Educate the prosecution and court about your side of the story through the proper legal channels. Keep in direct communications with your regarding you case.
• Answer questions and address any of your concerns
• Give you guidance and recommendations
• Gather and examine any and all evidence
• Retest any blood or urine specimens, by an independent lab that the prosecution tested and plans to use against you.
• Determine if any of the evidence was mishandled, obtained unlawfully, protocol followed in obtaining the evidence.
• Determine if any violations of your Constitutional Rights occurred.
• Look for weaknesses or flaws in the Scottsdale Prosecutions case
• Mount a strong and effective defense based on the circumstances in your case. A good attorney, with much litigation experience will know which of many defenses should be used based on your situation. Sometimes it takes just one. Sometimes multiple defenses will apply.
• Challenge evidence or lack thereof
• Attempt to suppress evidence if justifiable reasons exist
• Educate the Prosecution and court on weaknesses or flaws in their evidence or case to set the stage for negotiations of a favorable outcome on your behalf.
• Participate in all hearings, conferences, negotiations with the court and or prosecution.
• File all appropriate and necessary motions
• Make every attempt to reduce the criminal or DUI charges
• Make every possible attempt to dismiss the charges.

The earlier your bring your Scottsdale Criminal or DUI Attorney on board, the greater the chances are of your obtaining a successful outcome in your case. This gives your defense Attorney a head start and time to build and mount a winning defense on your behalf. You generally do not get more than one shot at freedom. Do not underestimate the need for a Scottsdale criminal defense or DUI defense Attorney. It may mean the difference between a conviction and a complete dismissal of charges.

If you have been arrested for any Scottsdale, AZ DUI other criminal charge contact the Law Office of James Novak, for your Free Consultation at 480) 413-1499. Speak directly with experienced Arizona criminal Defense and DUI Defense Attorney and James Novak (Former Prosecutor).

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This post was intended to provide general information only and is not intended as specific legal advice. You should not rely upon this information alone, but should consult legal counsel regarding the application of the laws and regulations discussed and as applied to your specific case or circumstance.

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