Arizona Extreme DUI

AZ Extreme DUI – Your Options and what the best AZ DUI Attorneys can do for you.

“An Extreme DUI charge may be reduced or dismissed with a good AZ DUI lawyer“.

An AZ DUI charge will be escalated to an “Extreme DUI” charge when A DUI when the body’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) exceeds 0.15%. The levels are usually determined by a breathalyzer test or blood test. A BAC exceeds 0.20 is designated as a “Super Extreme” which carries even more severe penalties and incarceration time. If you have been charged with any kind of extreme DUI, it is critical that you consult the best Arizona DUI Attorney you can find. Make sure the AZ DUI Attorney is well versed and defends extreme DUI cases frequently in the jurisdiction, county, or court for which you have been assigned to appear.

The consequences of an AZ extreme DUI are devastating and among some of the most severe in the county. Arizona prosecutors want convictions. Know that just because you have been charged, does not mean you will be convicted. If you have been charged with an AZ extreme DUI first offense, here are your options:

A. Do nothing. Accept that you could potentially receive up to the max for first offense:
1) Minimum 30 days jail and up to 6 months,
2) vehicle impound
3) Ignition interlock device
4) Ninety days driver’s license suspension
5) Mandatory alcohol/drug counseling
6) Probation
B. Ignore your court date, and fail to appear at the required date and time. This will result in an immediate warrant issued by the judge for your arrest.

C. Go to court unrepresented by a good private practice AZ criminal defense or AZ DUI Attorney. This is extremely risky and dangerous. The results can land you with the maximum penalties. The prosecutors know the protocol, the evidence, how to argue your case, how to get you to incriminate yourself, how to make their case stronger, and will ignore any weaknesses or flaws in your case. You will most likely end up with the results in option A. above.

D. Hire the best AZ criminal defense or AZ DUI Attorney you can find to fight for you and defend your case. Hire an experienced AZ DUI lawyer to defend your Arizona DUI charges. A good DUI attorney will fight to get your charges completely dismissed, reduced, or in the least a much better outcome in your case. There are many defenses that can be used, and evidentiary issues that can be challenged to accomplish this.

A good AZ DUI Attorney will examine evidence or lack thereof; determine if there were any violations of your constitutional rights, reason for the DUI stop, probable cause for your arrest, handling of all evidence, crime lab methods of testing, proper implementation of field sobriety tests, reliability of testing, maintenance and reliability of breathalyzer machines, and many more factors. You will not get the benefit of having these factors evaluated or the evidence challenged without a good private practice Arizona Criminal Defense or DUI attorney. A good private practice DUI Lawyer may be able to challenge such issues to suppress evidence, get your case dismissed, a “not guilty”, or a reduction of your AZ DUI charges. Option D. gives you the greatest chance at freedom and a new start without devastation of an AZ DUI conviction.

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