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AZ Extreme DUI – Your Options and what the best AZ DUI Attorneys can do for you.

“An Extreme DUI charge may be reduced or dismissed with a good AZ DUI lawyer“.

An AZ DUI charge will be escalated to an “Extreme DUI” charge when A DUI when the body’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) exceeds 0.15%. The levels are usually determined by a breathalyzer test or blood test. A BAC exceeds 0.20 is designated as a “Super Extreme” which carries even more severe penalties and incarceration time. If you have been charged with any kind of extreme DUI, it is critical that you consult the best Arizona DUI Attorney you can find. Make sure the AZ DUI Attorney is well versed and defends extreme DUI cases frequently in the jurisdiction, county, or court for which you have been assigned to appear.

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