“7 good reasons you need a criminal attorney to defend your DUI charges.

Experienced Criminal Justice Attorneys in Arizona will build strong winning DUI and Criminal Defense Case against the Arizona Prosecution on your behalf

By: James Novak, Phoenix DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer
Would you hire an auto mechanic to repair your broken computer? Would you hire a computer repair technician to fix your vehicle? Your answer is probably “no” to both questions. The only things the two professional technicians have in common, is that they may be highly trained, experienced, educated, and competent in their respective trade as either an auto repair mechanic or computer systems repair. But it is highly unlikely that one has equal superiority and competence in both trades. This analogy applies to law practice as well. There are many different areas of law. A “repair technician” is a general term. As such, the word “attorney” or “lawyer” is also general. A Criminal Defense Attorney or DUI Lawyer is the specific type of Attorney you will need to consult if you have been arrested in Phoenix Arizona and or surrounding cities within Maricopa County.

Decades ago, (and even today in extremely undeveloped territories) you may have heard the terms “family attorney” on a common basis. This is a lawyer who would represent a client or their family for all of their legal matters. But evolution, constantly changing laws, and litigious society, and many other reasons have made the “family attorney” extinct. Today you need to hire an attorney in the specific practice area for which your matter applies such as tax law, personal injury law, and more. If you face criminal charges or DUI charges in Maricopa County you will need to hire a criminal or DUI attorney for your Arizona Criminal or DUI defense. Here are at least seven reasons why:

1) Legislative Arizona State Criminal and DUI Laws some of the harshest in the Country. They carry severe adverse consequences if convicted. You need to make sure your criminal or DUI attorney is well informed and updated on these laws; and knows how to use these laws to the advantage of their clients for defense.

2) Arizona State Law relating to criminal and DUI charges and punishments is highly turbulent and constantly changing.

3) Changing Case law may exist that will effect your DUI or Criminal Charges Defense.

4) An experienced Criminal and DUI defense attorney will have specialized skills, training and education needed to examine and challenge technical evidence. This includes crime scene investigations, crime lab testing processes, breath testing toxicology, mechanical aspects and protocol related to breathalyzer machine testing, forensics and more. They must be able to recognize flaws or weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence or case against you and challenge it in your defense.

5) A good Arizona Criminal or DUI attorney has extended litigation experience. The criminal justice system is all about the Court systems. It is the area of law that almost always involves the Court system. And almost every client charged with a DUI or criminal offense will see the inside of a court room at least once. And while in Maricopa County only 2% to 3% of all cases go to trial. This is still a higher percentage than many areas of law.

6) You want to make sure your Criminal or DUI Attorney regularly practices and preferably resides in Arizona. Criminal Laws differ by state. So although an attorney may be “licensed” to practice in Arizona but reside in New York, it is not the same level of experience they will have if they deal with Arizona laws on a daily basis.

7) A Criminal Attorney or DUI Lawyer in Maricopa County will be extremely familiar with the Criminal Justice Systems, the Courts, the Judges, the prosecution, procedural aspects, and more. For example a former Maricopa County Prosecutor who now defends cases, in particular, has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and has advantage in perspective. They have also usually spent a great deal of time in trial and litigation of Criminal and DUI charges. This carries over to added experience, strength, and education in your defense.

The choice is yours. But you have the right to know. You should find out about your Attorney’s background, education, training and experience before you make your decision. Criminal and DUI charges are too serious in Arizona. Your future and your freedom are not worth the gamble of by hiring an attorney outside the criminal or DUI practice areas if you face criminal or DUI charges.

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This article is intended to provide general information only, to generate discussion, and increase awareness of a particular topic. It is not intended as specific legal advice. You should not rely upon this information alone, but should consult legal counsel regarding the application of the laws and regulations discussed and as applied to your specific case or circumstances.

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