10 Things Actions Top Rated DUI Lawyers or Criminal Defense Attorneys in Phoenix will Advise You to Do to Help Increase Your Chances of Getting your Phoenix DUI Charges Dismissed.

If you have recently been arrested for a Phoenix DUI or charged with DUI in Arizona, remember, that does automatically make you guilty. Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor felony, or extreme DUI, makes no difference with regard to your constitutional rights to a defense and legal representation. Below are some things you can do to avoid self-incrimination and increase your chances of getting the charges dismissed, reduced, or the best possible outcome in your case. This list is not all inclusive.

1) Consult a DUI attorney who defends cases frequently in the Phoenix Court. The chances of getting an acquittal or not-guilty verdict without a good Arizona Criminal Defense or DUI Attorney who defends charges frequently in Phoenix AZ are slim to none. The criminal justice system is complicated with a maze of laws, protocol, people and odds against you. You will need an experienced defense attorney to build a strong legal defense for your case. You need someone you can call for answers to questions, to defend you, to protect your constitutional rights, to challenge the evidence against you. Make sure your attorney is someone who is accessible and stay in close communication with them throughout the process.

2) Utilize your right to remain silent. If the police or prosecution is asking you questions relating to your charges or arrest, politely and simply advised that you wish to have your attorney present while answering any questions. If your request for your Phoenix DUI lawyer is denied, it is a violation of your constitutional rights which may result in suppression of evidence or case dismissal.

3) Write a narrative of events.
Include as many details as possible. Over time, details tend to fade. Include what you ate, drank, what took place, what was said by you or the police, any medications, taken, weather conditions, and any other details you can remember. What may not seem to be relevant to you may be material to a defense strategy in the eyes of a good DUI defense attorney.

4) Repair any trigger problems that may have resulted in the DUI stop.
This includes head lights, turn signals or any other mechanical problems for which the Phoenix police said was the reason they pulled you over for the stop.

5) Get Proper Insurance and Registration
. If you were cited for not having insurance or proper registration you must get either and provide proof. If you already had but were unable to provide proof of either please provide a copy of either to your attorney and bring the original to court.
6) Resolve any Unpaid Past Fines or Traffic Tickets. The court will look at your past history to see if you have neglected any other prior driving violations or tickets. If so, this may have an adverse impact on your sentencing.

7) Photographs of the Location of the Stop or Arrest.
Your DUI attorney will explain that photographs of things that the police relied on as a reason for the stop may be challenged if the facts support it. Be sure to include stop signs, street lights, barriers, trees, objects, landscaping, bus stops, and lane markers, any anything else related to the area surrounding your DUI stop.

8) Be on time for all court appearances.
If you are late or do not show up for your court appearances as required, an immediate warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you are but a few minutes late, this is frowned upon by the court as ill regard and disrespect of the court and the seriousness of your DUI charges.

9) Advise your DUI attorney if there are any potential witnesses that may be willing to testify or be interviewed in your defense. For example, if a friend or adult family member were passengers in the vehicle, they may have observed you and been of the opinion that you did not appear to be drunk or driving impaired.

10) Ambulance or Hospital Records. If you were taken to the hospital or emergency Room, following an accident related to your DUI charges, get medical records from both entities. Because of patient privacy laws, it is usually faster for you to obtain the records than if your Attorney requests them. There may be information regarding existing medical conditions, or other information your DUI attorney can use in your defense.

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