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All criminal courts in Arizona have standards of etiquette one must follow when attending. Below are the standards adopted by Scottsdale City Court which is the
Scottsdale Municipal Court:
1 All weapons of any kind are prohibited in the Phoenix Municipal Court building.
2 Eating, drinking, gum chewing, and creation of any noise or disruption are prohibited in the courtroom.
3 Arrive early in advance to the designated courtroom on your scheduled date and time.
4 Sit quietly while in the courtroom. No talking or whispering is allowed while Court is in session. Background noises may interfere with the quality of the recording by the court reporter and distract those involved in the proceedings.
5 All mobile devices such as phones, pagers, and the like should be turned off in the courtroom.
6 Be courteous and respectful in all areas of the building in and out of the courtroom.
7 Dress Code: Shoes and shirts are required to be worn. Clothing that displays offensive slogans or pictures are prohibited. Hats or caps must be removed before courtroom.
8 Smoking is prohibited by law in all areas inside the Court Buildings. (Designated smoking areas are available outside the building.)
9 Avoid bringing small children and infants into the Court room. If this is not possible for you, understand that parents may be asked to leave, or remove children from the courtroom if they become a disruption.
10 If you are a defendant, it is wise to make arrangement in advance of your court appearance, for the care of your children, if the unfortunate possibility exists that you may be booked into jail or incarcerated immediately following the court proceeding.

If you are unsure about a particular item or scenario that is prohibited or allowed, it is best to call in advance to avoid delays in the proceedings for which you plan or are required to attend. Below is Phoenix Municipal Court Address and Phone number:

300 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003-2103
(602) 262-6421

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