What is an Arraignment?

An Arraignment is a hearing where you will provide your Initial Plea for DUI or Criminal Charges. There are three ways to plea: “Not Guilty”, “Guilty” or “No Contest.” To invoke your right to defend your charges and retain an attorney you should plead “Not Guilty”.

Events that take place at Arraignment

At the Arraignment the following procedural events will take place:

1) You will enter your Plea;
2) The court will confirm your identity and contact information including address;
3) The judge will inform you of your constitutional rights;
4) Formal criminal or DUI charges will be read;
5) You will be required to inform the court your intentions of retaining a criminal attorney or law firm to defend your charges
Obligation to appear at an Arraignment for criminal charges Tempe AZ

If you have not retained a criminal defense attorney, you will be required to appear at the designated hearing. You should never ignore a notice to attend your criminal or DUI court hearing. Failure to appear for your Arraignment will result in a Bench Warrant for your arrest. The warrant will remain in effect until you resolve the matter.
If you have retained legal representation, your criminal defense attorney will provide you with further or alternative instructions. In some cases, your attorney can vacate the hearing date, and enter a documented plea on your behalf; and provide the court with the information they need. You should confirm all the details with your attorney well before the previously scheduled hearing date.

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