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The next stage of the competition will run from August 27, 2015 to until the close of voting at 12:00 AM on October 9, 2015.

Reasons to vote for Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog for The Best DUI & Criminal Defense Blog 

James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak works hard to provide high quality resources and articles, updates.

The Arizona Criminal Defense Blog brings you current, in-depth, and unique content on a variety of DUI and criminal topics.

Here are some featured highlights:

  • Case Rulings: Analysis and discussion about impacts on Maricopa County, Arizona, or the USA;
  • Important new and pending state or federal legislation;
  • DUI & crime safety and prevention tips;
  • Trends and warnings about new unlawful drugs or controlled substances; case and law news analysis and answers.
  • Laws, Penalties and Criminal Defense issues;
  • Law reviews and discussions top stories or events in the news;
  • Constitutional, Criminal and Human Rights issues.

DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney Tempe AZ

James Novak, of the Law Office of James Novak, is a former prosecutor. He is an experienced trial attorney now dedicated to providing Criminal Defense to those in need of Legal Representation in Maricopa County.

If you are a loved one faces active DUI or criminal charges in Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, or Chandler AZ, James Novak provides a free initial consultation.  James Novak, will help you understand your charges and defense options.   If retained, he will work hard to protect your rights, defend your charges, make sure you are treated fairly, and work to get the best possible outcome in your case. Call, (480) 413-1499 for your free consultation.    

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