Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines: Types of felony charges that will expose a defendant to Mandatory Sentencing that includes lengthy prison terms.

AZ Felony Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines

Arizona’s adopted “Mandatory Sentencing” guidelines for serious felonies. Here’s how the best AZ criminal defense lawyers may still be able to get your felony charges partially or completely dismissed. In alternative they may be able to fight for a reduction in charges to a “Standard Felony” or even a misdemeanor. This reduction in charges could mean you would avoid prison; thus allowing you to be eligible for probation instead.

Gilbert AZ Felony Charges
If you face AZ felony charges in Gilbert AZ. you should hire the best Gilbert criminal defense lawyer possible to defend you. A criminal charge is far from a conviction. You are not convicted unless you are proven to be guilty The law allows for you to be entitled to a defense. Use it. Your best chance at a good outcome is to use a private practice AZ criminal defense attorney who defends Gilbert felonies on a regular basis.

“Mandatory Sentencing” Penalties | AZ Felony Convictions
Arizona State Law is harsh on felony convictions. Most people have too much to lose to accept a conviction. This is particularly the case if a serious felony conviction subject to Arizona’s “Mandatory Sentencing Laws”. Such felony conviction penalties under “Mandatory Sentencing Laws” make you ineligible for probation. If convicted, you will be exposed to long prison terms, even for life, within a certain range for the crime; exorbitant fines; probation with interlock monitoring device (ankle bracelets); and a felony criminal record that will following with adverse impacts on your life for many years. The Arizona judge also has authority to order more severe punishments depending on the circumstances surrounding the felony charges.

Types of Felonies Subject to AZ “Mandatory Sentencing Laws”
In Arizona, serious felony charges are subject to Arizona’s Mandatory Sentencing Laws referred to under A.R.S. 13-601 and A.R.S. 13-701. These charges including, but are not limited to the following:
1) Dangerous or violent crimes;
2) Sexual assault or other violent assault crimes;
3) Assault with use of a deadly weapon;
4) Assault and battery with a weapon;
5) Armed robbery
6) Repeat offenses;
Defense Lawyers in Gilbert AZ for Felony Criminal Charges
It is crucial for you to hire the best criminal defense lawyer possible; preferably an experienced litigator, with a successful defense and trial record. There are two primary stages during the criminal justice process that top Gilbert Defense Lawyers use to achieve the best outcome of getting an acquittal, charges dismissed, or sentencing reduced.

1) The Defense Stage: Gathering Evidence; filing early procedure motions participating in pre-trial conferences and hearings, hiring experts; having DUI chemical evidence retested; deposing or interviewing witnesses including the police; challenging weak evidence; looking for reasons to get flawed evidence suppressed; deciding on a winning defense strategy based on the facts.

2) The Sentencing Stage: If there is no chance of getting the charges dismissed based on the strength of the prosecutions evidence, then your defense attorney will shift to the next stage which is sentencing. Your Gilbert criminal lawyer will present mitigating factors (facts that are in your favor), exculpatory evidence, and reasons why you deserve a lesser charge or reduced sentence.

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