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Drug Charges and Penalties Mesa, AZ
“Most Top drug possession defense lawyers in Mesa AZ provide free consultations if you are currently facing drug charges or have been arrested for drug possession in Mesa, AZ.”

Mesa AZ Drug Possession Laws are serious and comprehensive. The Criminal Justice System can be a complicated maze of procedures and protocol set up to convict you if you are not properly represented by a good Drug possession attorney who defends cases in Mesa AZ frequently. If you were arrested for drug possession charges in Mesa AZ you will need to consult a criminal defense attorney or drug defense lawyer who frequently defends drug charges in Mesa Municipal Court. Most Top drug possession defense lawyers in Mesa AZ provide free consultations if you are currently facing drug charges or have been arrested for drug possession in Mesa, AZ. A good Mesa criminal defense attorney will provide you with information concerning the charges, penalties, and defense options. A major key to a successful defense is early retention of your drug possession attorney who will defend your charges in Mesa, AZ.
Arizona Drug Laws
If you were arrested for drug possession or received drug charges in Mesa AZ, you will be held to the rule of law of the State of Arizona. The definitions, classifications and penalties are comprehensively outlined in the following criminal code: Arizona Revised Statutes: “A.R.S. 13 Chapter 34 DRUG OFFENSES 13-3401…13-3461”.

Mesa, AZ Drug Classifications
Arizona drug laws categorize drugs into three main classes below. (Note, the examples are not all inclusive):

1. Dangerous drugs: LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamines, steroids, hallucinogenic mushrooms, clonazepam, lorazepam
2. Narcotics: cocaine, heroin, opium, morphine, oxycodone
3. Marijuana: Also known as pot, weed, cannabis
Drug Possession Charges Mesa, Arizona
The severity of your drug possession charges and sentencing if convicted depends heavily upon the quantity of the drug or substance allegedly found in your possession. The
Gilbert AZ law enforcement officials will use this amount as a gauge to determine if your Mesa AZ drug charges will be for possession for personal use, or raised to even more serious charges such as possession with intent to sell, drug sales, drug trafficking, drug distribute drugs, drug importation, drug manufacturing, drug cultivation or other more serious drug charges. If convicted Gilbert AZ drug possession charges can carry serious penalties including extended jail or prison if convicted. Most drug possession charges in Arizona are charged as felonies, but could be charged as a misdemeanor based on quantity, purpose, and other circumstances surrounding your drug arrest or drug charges in Mesa, AZ.

Drug Penalties for Drug Possession in Mesa, AZ
The punishments for drug possession could include probation, jail, and prison, exorbitant fines and fees, drug counseling programs, and more, depending on many factors. Below are some of those factors that will be considered in for the degree of your drug possession charges in Mesa AZ (This list is not all inclusive):
1) Quantity of the drug or substance;
2) Class of drug;
3) Purpose of drug;
4) First time or repeat offense;
5) Criminal history;
6) Multiple criminal or drug charges surrounding the arrest;
7) Possession of a drug near or close to children, toddlers, or infants to access
8) Other aggravating factors not mentioned above; Whether or not you may be eligible and qualify for participation in a diversion program which includes drug counseling for first time offenders. Qualification involves invitation into the program by the prosecution and court based on a list of criteria that must be met in order to be eligible for the counseling program in place of other sentencing such as incarceration.

Arizona Drug Possession Attorney -Criminal Defense
You should consult and hire the best Arizona drug defense attorney possible. Make sure they possess a significant amount of litigation and defense experience in Mesa Court, defending drug charges; be highly skilled trained, and have the proper credentials, be capable of building and mounting a strong defense against the prosecution; possess the ability to make compelling arguments on your behalf; is assertive and proactive and not afraid to challenge evidence in the prosecution’s case; be extremely familiar with the Criminal Justice System and Arizona Drug Laws; someone who will use every possible defense in your favor; someone you can go to for questions, concerns, and for which you have an open line of communication with. Most of all, feel comfortable, that the drug defense lawyer you choose to represent you will to fight relentlessly to get your case dismissed, a reduction in charges, negotiate the most favorable outcome possible.

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