Drug Sales Laws | Drug Sales Attorney Chandler
Good criminal defense lawyers, who defend drug charges frequently in Chandler AZ, know how to challenge the evidence, utilize defenses, protect your constitutional rights and get the best possible outcome in your drug sales charges.

If you have been arrested in Chandler AZ for drug sales charges you will need to consult a drug sales attorney or Arizona criminal attorney regarding defending your drug sales charges as soon as possible. Drug sales are usually considered felonies in Chandler and are very serious offenses in Chandler AZ. But a good criminal defense or drug sales lawyer in Arizona can challenge your drug sales charges. You have a constitutional right to a defense. Retaining a good drug sales attorney or criminal defense attorney in Chandler Arizona who defends drug charges in the Chandler criminal justice system frequently, will increase your chances of getting a good outcome in your case; early retention of a criminal attorney in Chandler AZ is the key to a successful outcome in defense of your drug sales charges. This includes getting felony drug charges dismissed reduced, or an otherwise better out come than you would have received without good drug sale legal representation and drug sales defense.

Drug Sale Charges Chandler | Drug Sale Penalties
Drug sales are usually charged as felonies in Arizona. If convicted of your drug sales charges you will likely face mandatory prison sentences exorbitant financial fines, fees, and penalties. These sentences increase depending on the classification of the drug sold, the quantity of drugs involved in the sale and other factors listed below. Drug sales laws in Chandler, AZ are governed by the criminal codes and drug laws the State of Arizona.

The drug definitions, classifications and penalties can be found under A.R.S. Title 13 Chapter 34: DRUG OFFENSES 13-3401 to 13-3461
Below are some main factors the police, will consider in determining the severity of your charges for which they will make an arrest. These factors are also considered in the criminal justice system by the judge, prosecution and Arizona Court for which they base sentencing and penalties for drug sale convictions for Chandler AZ felony drug charges. This list is not all inclusive:
• Quantity of the drugs or substance sold or intended for sale;
• Classification or type of the drug being sold or intended to be sold;
• You past criminal record;
• Repeat or first time drug charges offense;
• Strength of the Arizona prosecution’s case;
• Possession or use of a dangerous weapon surrounding the incident;
• Drugs sold or attempted be sold to a minor;
• Location of drug sale or intent to sell (such as a schools or drug sales operations and transactions where children reside).
• Drug sales charges were in conjunction with other criminal offenses at the same time such as manufacturing or cultivation;
• Other aggravating factors not listed
Drug Sales Defense | Drug Sales Lawyer Chandler, AZ
There are many defenses that can be used by an experienced drug defense lawyer or criminal defense attorney in Arizona who defend Arizona drug charges for sale and distribution frequently. Top Chandler Defense Attorneys will work hard to find out how to get drug charges dismissed. Most all good Felony drug defense attorneys in Chandler AZ agree that early retention of a good criminal defense attorney, or experienced drug sales defense lawyer makes a significant different in the outcome of
Chandler your drug sales charges.
The best Arizona criminal defense lawyers and drug defense attorneys also agree it is unwise to go without good Arizona Felony Drug Defense Legal Representation. If you are charged with Arizona drug sales offense, you should consult an experienced Chandler Criminal Attorney for a consultation regarding your matter. The fastest way to get a conviction and harshest sentencing is to go through the criminal justice system unrepresented by a good Chandler criminal defense or Drug defense Attorney.

Some of the best Attorneys in Arizona provide free consultations. You can easily find an Attorney who defends drug sales charges in Chandler that will provide you with a free and confidential consultation. If you are in custody, at the time of your call, be sure you let the Arizona Criminal Defense lawyer know this when you are speaking with them, so your rights can be protected during the phone consultation.

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