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Assault Defense in Arizona
If you were arrested for assault charges, assault and battery charges, or felony aggravated assault charges, remember, that you have not yet been convicted of the offense. You have the right to obtain a top Arizona Criminal Attorney and or assault defense lawyer in Arizona. And you must either plead guilty or found to be guilty in a Phoenix court in order to be convicted and sentenced to punishment. You may be feeling overwhelmed right now, but there is hope. With a good Phoenix criminal defense Attorney you can fight your charges and your chances of getting them dismissed, charges reduced, or a favorable outcome in your case will drastically increase. Defenses exist that can be used under the applicable circumstances that may be used by a qualified criminal defense attorney on your behalf, that can be used through the Criminal Justice system.

AZ Assault, Aggravated Assault Criminal Justice System
A natural human response to being charged or arrested for assault or aggravated assault is to tell your side of the story to the police. However, Police, Prosecution, and State don’t want to hear your side of the story, at least not the way you want to tell it. Once the police make the decision to charge or arrest you for assault, it is too late for your verbal side of the story. The police rarely, if ever, will change their mind once the arrest is made. Now to maintain your freedom and prevent a conviction, you will need a good Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney who defends Arizona Assault cases on regular bases to defend you. They will build and mount a strong defense through the appropriate legal channels via the Arizona Criminal Justice System.

Assault and Aggravated Assault Defenses in Phoenix AZ
Your assault defense lawyer in Phoenix will be your voice, tell your story and present compelling arguments through the criminal justice system in negotiations, hearings, filing motions or through trial. You have the constitutional right to a private criminal defense attorney. They expect you to use it, and in this case, it is an extremely important that you do so.

Here are just a few defense strategies you can expect an experienced litigation and qualified Arizona Assault Defense lawyer to use depending on the circumstances of you case:
• Your actions were in self defense or out of fear
• You were reacting to a perceived threatening situation
• State of mind of the victim and you at the time of the incident
• “Necessity” Defense
• Lack of evidence by the Prosecution
• If claim exists that you used a weapon, but there was no proof of that weapon
• The involvement of outside parties or persons
• Lack of witnesses
• Interview or depose the police and or witnesses
• You were not the person who committed the act
• Victim has a history of making unfounded claims, and is not a credible.
• The police violated your Constitutional rights during charges, arrest, or thereafter
• The victim provoked, threatened or intimated you to force a response
• The event was completely accidental, and in no way intentional
• The circumstances were unforeseen, unexpected or unpreventable
• Proof exists of efforts you made to protect the victim from the unexpected or unavoidable harm or endangerment.
Once your Arizona Assault Attorney gathers and examines evidence in your case, the will build and mount an effective defense. The court and prosecution will then be educated about your story, from the facts and evidence your Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney has presented. You will need a criminal defense attorney with a great deal of experience; one that understands your story and one that has the ability defend your rights and get the best possible outcome in your case be it suppression of evidence, reduction of charges or a total dismissal of your case.

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This post was intended to provide general information only and is not intended as specific legal advice. You should not rely upon this information alone, but should consult legal counsel regarding the application of the laws and regulations discussed and as applied to your specific case or circumstance.

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