Arrest Warrants: What to do if there is a warrant for your arrest

Arrest Warrants in Phoenix AZ

Never ignore an arrest warrant in Maricopa County. It is a very serious matter. An arrest warrant stays outstanding and in effect indefinitely until the warrants is “quashed” (cancelled) ; a suspect is arrested; or the matter otherwise resolved by your criminal defense attorney. You should never ignore it. If you know or suspect you there may be a warrant for your arrest, you should contact a criminal defense firm as soon as possible to discuss your matter. They will provide you information concerning the warrant; option for defense, and retention of their services to resolve the matter on your behalf.

What to do if you have an outstanding arrest warrant
1) Pay the bond amount : A bond amount is usually set by the judge. If you pay it, the, the warrant will be “quashed” or resolved. You will then be given a new court date if the warrant is for “failure to appear”. You must appear on the new scheduled court date if you have not hired a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer who may be able to make other more favorable arrangements on your behalf. If you miss your court date again, or cause further delays, the more harshly you will be treated by the court and the more severe your penalties will be.

2) Appear in Court on the “Walk-in” Docket.: Phoenix Court usually provides a daily time for defendants who need to make unscheduled court appearances. Unscheduled appearances are heard only at specified times available by the Phoenix AZ Court. In the least you should consult a Phoenix AZ criminal attorney to discuss your matter and how to proceed given your defense options.

3) Retain Legal Representation: This is the wisest choice. As soon as you find out about the warrant, it is recommended that you retain the services of an experienced criminal attorney to defend your matter; get the warrant “quashed’ or otherwise resolved on your behalf. Your attorney will confirm the facts, and if retained, and may file a motion to quash your warrant. Generally, they will provide this services in addition to pre-trial and trial defense services. It also provides for early retention of a qualified legal advocate to defend your charge, which is crucial to a successful outcome in a DUI or criminal case.

Types of Arrest Warrants

In general there are two types of arrest warrants:

1) Bench Warrants issued by the Court: “Failure to Appear” ARS § 13 -2506 (Misdemeanors), and ARS § . 13-2507 (felonies) bench warrants are issued by the Court’s presiding judge if a person accused of crime, cited, or previously arrested, fails to appear at their scheduled hearing. “Failure to Appear” in court is a criminal offense and Class 5 Felony.

2) Arrest Warrants issued by Police: A police officer will obtain a warrant or arrest from the State of Arizona ARS § 13 – 3887 when they have reasonable belief, substantiated by probable cause, to suspect that a person committed a crime.

Lawyer for Arrest Warrants in Phoenix AZ
It is always better to resolve an arrest warrant proactively, than to wait until the police find and arrest you. If it is not resolved, the police will eventually find and arrest at any time including at home or work. The police always check to see if there is an outstanding arrest warrant for someone even if they make a routine traffic stop for a minor infraction or traffic violation. To find out if there is a warrant for your arrest you can visit State, County and Government public records official websites. However, the safest way to find out if there is a warrant out of your arrest, is to consult a qualified criminal defense attorney in the county you are concerned it may exist. Your consultation will be private and confidential. The attorney will conduct a though search through their most reliable legal resources, and advise you of the current information available regarding the warrant, as well as your options to take care of it.


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