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Why You Should Retain a Good DUI Attorney after a DUI Arrest in Arizona
“The best Arizona DUI lawyers begin defending your case with the thought process of building defense strategies that will lead to getting your Arizona DUI dismissed.”

Arizona DUI Charges
Arizona has earned the reputation for being one of the toughest states on DUI charges in the country. The DUI laws are strict and penalties severe. If charged or arrested for an Arizona DUI, you should contact an Arizona DUI Lawyer as soon as possible. Even for first time offenders, the penalties are designed to “teach a lesson” so that the defendant will avoid a repeat offense and to get the word out, that Arizona has zero tolerance for those driving “impaired to the slightest degree” or who may be drunk driving in Arizona due to alcohol or drugs.

Penalties for convictions of first time, misdemeanor DUI in Arizona, depending on the circumstances may include mandatory jail time, suspension of driver’s license, fines, fees, probation, mandatory counseling, and court ordered interlock devices on your vehicle to be installed at your expense.

Arizona Felony DUI or Aggravated DUI, charges can include lengthy prison terms, suspension of driver’s license, exorbitant fines, fees, probation, mandatory counseling at your cost, and court ordered interlock devices on your vehicle to be installed at your expense. The Arizona Courts are especially harsh on repeat offenders and Arizona penalties reflect this.

Arizona DUI Attorney
Many people make the common mistake of trying to seek counsel of a friend regarding their DUI who is not a licensed Arizona DUI or criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona. Resist this temptation. They are not walking in your shoes. They were not arrested. They will rarely know the Arizona DUI laws inside and out, current legislation, changing laws, defense strategies, and be experienced in defending cases in the Arizona criminal justice system. They will not bear the consequences of your DUI charges if they are not properly defended by a qualified DUI lawyer in Arizona.

After an arrest for drunk driving, or DUI with drugs or medication, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible, to discuss your charges and defense options. Be sure that the Arizona DUI lawyer is experienced and defends cases often in the jurisdiction or city where you were arrested and received formal DUI charges or criminal charges. For example if you were arrested in Mesa Arizona, by Mesa Police, but you reside in Phoenix AZ, your DUI charges will be filed in Mesa Arizona, and your case will be heard through the Mesa AZ City Court. Make sure your DUI attorney defends DUI or criminal charges frequently in Mesa Arizona. It will benefit your defense if your DUI Lawyer is familiar with the court system, prosecution, and judges to hear DUI cases on a daily basis in Mesa AZ through the criminal justice system.

Arizona DUI Defenses
The best Arizona DUI lawyers begin defending your case with the thought process of building defense strategies that will lead to getting your Arizona DUI dismissed. That is where a good Arizona DUI Defense Attorney starts. They will base their decisions on how and what defenses to utilize based on the individual circumstances surrounding your case. Top DUI defense Attorneys in Arizona will know when and how to present their compelling arguments in your favor to get your charges dismissed. Depending on the strength and/or weakness of the prosecutions case, your AZ DUI attorney will examine the evidence, to determine if any evidence can justifiably be suppressed (not used against you). If the charges can not be dismissed, they will then attempt to negotiate with the prosecution a way of getting the charges reduced to a lesser charge, for example: a criminal charge down to a non-criminal charge, a felony to a misdemeanor, an extreme DUI to a non-extreme DUI and reduce the DUI penalties against you. In other words, in absence of being able to get the Arizona DUI charges dropped, a good AZ DUI defense attorney will make every effort to get the best possible outcome in your case.

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This post was intended to provide general information only and is not intended as specific legal advice. You should not rely upon this information alone, but should consult legal counsel regarding the application of the laws and regulations discussed and as applied to your specific case or circumstances.

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