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By: James Novak, Arizona DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are arrested for a DUI in Arizona, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting a good outcome in your case. It begins with you. Here are at least 10 things you can to do or begin to do within 24 hours of your DUI arrest in AZ. (Excerpts are from the book “24 things you should do Following Your AZ DUI Arrest” © from the DUI winning strategies book series, written by James Novak, experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney. These DUI defense tips, elements, facts and things you need to do and can do could make the difference between an Arizona DUI conviction and a total dismissal of your charges:

1) AZ DUI Defense: Consult a DUI Attorney who defends charges in the city and state where you were arrested to discuss your charges, and defense options. Retain an Arizona DUI or criminal defense attorney who defends DUI charges often in that court. The criminal justice system is a maze of laws, procedures, protocols and time lines. Attempting to fight your DUI without a good Arizona DUI defense attorney is almost always a fast track to a conviction or guilty verdict.

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